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Whats better, islands of adventure or busch gardens ?

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    Islands of adventure is a blast, but because I'm from Tampa I love busch gardens and the ticket prices are better. Busch Gardens keeps coming out with new attractions, where IOA is not. I'm a pass-holder to Busch Gardens, and I just recently didn't renew my Universal Pass. Just not worth it anymore, so I'll stick with Busch Gardens, Seaworld, and Aquatica :)

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    well if you go to bush gardens then it will be sorta like a zoo, there will be animals and some good rides, but if a little kid is going with you, it is a don't! Islands of adventure is a more family friendly park, it has some REALLY good coasters and thrill rides but at the same time has a whole area for little kids. Islands of adventure also is bigger, and has more food places, and with a double ticket you can go to one park to another all in the same day! Islands of adventure has more shade and two good water rides that won't get you SOAKED like the bush gardens ones! so i would say go to islands of adventure, for more information, google islands of adventure, or google bush gardens! HOPE YOU HAVE FUN!!!!!

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    They are both great parks, but I feel there is more to do (best bang for your buck) at Busch Gardens. Besides their great assortment of rides and attractions there are animals to see, shows, and live entertainment in general. I never leave Busch Gardens disappointed.

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    i'd say Busch Gardens. Disney don't have very many curler coasters (except outing Everest and Rockin' curler Coaster) and Islands of journey has more desirable than Disney, yet a lot less then Busch. all of them rock anyhow. Lol. take exhilaration in.

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    I love Busch Gardens, but Islands of Adventure is the BEST place in the whole world... ever!!!

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    It depends what kind of rides you like. Islands of adventure only has a couple roller coasters(Hulk, dueling dragons) But BUSCH GARDENS IS DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they have alot of roller coasters

    Montu-150 ft. tall

    Kumba 140 ft.

    Gwazi 90 ft. Wooden coaster

    Shiekra 200 ft.

    Scorpion 60 ft

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    Well, it depends on your preferences.

    Islands of Adventures:

    ~The Incredible Hulk: 110 foot high B&M sit-down launch coaster with 7 inversions including a cobra roll, two loops, two corkscrews, and a zero g roll.

    ~Dueling Dragons Fire: 105 foot B&M Inverted coaster with 5 inversions including two immelman loops, two corkscrews, and a loop. Duels with Dueling Dragons Ice.

    ~Dueling Dragons Ice:95 foot B&M Inverted coaster with 5 inversions including a zero gravity roll, a corkscrew, a cobra roll, and a loop. Duels with Dueling Dragons Fire.

    ~Jurassic Park: River Adventure: Themed after the hit blockbuster, this river tour guide goes wrong when you plummet down an 85 foot drop to escape the jaws of a hungry T-Rex.

    ~The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man: This one of a kind simulator in 3D features real water sprays and a virtual 400 foot free fall.

    ~Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls: This classic log flume actually goes below water level after its 65 foot drop and includes a pop of airtime.

    ~Dr. Doom's Fear Fall: When Dr. Doom needs you to finish his machine to defeat the Fantastic 4, he thrusts you up 200 feet up one of two menacing towers to extract every last bit of fear out of your body.

    Busch Gardens:

    ~SheiKra: This 200 foot high roller coaster has a vertical drop, and a brand new twist-0 floor. It's a whole new level of fear.

    ~Montu: A B&M Inverted coaster that holds the record for the most inversions-7. It stands 150 feet tall.

    ~Kumba: a unique B&M sit down coaster with one of the world's largest loops.

    ~Scorpion: A classic looping coaster with a punch.

    ~Gwazi- A duel wooden coaster

    I personally would prefer Islands of Adventures.

    *Hope I Helped*

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    I think it would be much better to go on an island adventure! That would be fantastic.

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    islands of adventure is supersuper fun!!!!!!

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    IOA is WAY better

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