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Books by Canadian Authors?

Plz tell me a few good books for 6th or 7th graders which r by canadian authors....

Also,is coleen murtaugh paratore a canadian?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Gary Paulsen

    6th grade

    Read aloud

    Young Brian's plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness

    when the pilot has a heart attack. Brian must survive on his own. He

    develops self-reliance and deals with his parents' divorce.

    Just Ella

    Margaret Peterson Haddix

    6th grade

    Independent/partner reading

    The story of what happens to Cinderella after she moves to the palace as

    well as what REALLY happened the night of the ball.

    The House on Mango Street

    Sandra Cisneros

    6th grade

    Read aloud

    A series of related stories that take a glimpse at a young, poor,

    Latina's life and neighborhood. Beautifully written.I actually

    read it aloud to my classes and used it as a touchstone text

    for memoir writing. Very effective because the chapters are

    short and manageable for mini-lessons in Writing Workshop.

    Flying Solo

    Ralph Fletcher

    Read aloud

    6th-8th grade

    Joey Pigza Swallows a Key

    Jack Gantos.

    read aloud

    sixth grade

    Joey is a boy with ADD that lives a horrible life

    and does things that shouldn't be done at school.

    He gets into trouble. It allows me to talk about

    behavior, learning problems, punishments, etc.

    with my class.

    The Cay

    Theodore Taylor

    independent reading

    6th grade

    They loved it and it has a lot of science in it

    (We read it in science class!) as well as

    great "lessons" about life. The main character

    is an 11 year old boy who is shipwrecked with a

    Black man and the boy goes blind and realizes

    the color of skin does not matter.


    Jerry Spinelli

    7th grade

    teacher read aloud

    about a strange girl who comes to town

    and the reactions she elicits from her

    fellow students. Great discussions on

    conformity, loyalty to friends, cliques.

    Kids really liked it.

    Freak the Mighty

    Rodman Philbrick

    Grades 5-9

    I read it aloud

    It's about an unusual friendship between a troubled, quiet, rather large

    young man and an extremely intelligent boy who is very tiny because of a

    debilitating disease. All of my kids loved it in 7/8 grade last year. Also

    a movie, The Mighty, but not near as good as the book.

    Nothing But The Truth



    students read aloud and silently

    about a young man who starts a tale about a teacher that is not the truth,

    which ends in the teacher's dismissal. It shows how harmful lies can be and

    how quickly untruthful tales are spread.

    On My Honor

    Marion Dane Bauer


    Read together

    The story of two friends who come into conflict about swimming in a river

    that flows rapidly and which they have been told not to go near. One of them

    drowns, and the other is having a hard time telling the truth about what

    really happened...excellent book.

    Belle Prater's Boy

    Ruth White

    Grades 5-8

    read aloud

    This is a coming of age story between two cousins, Gypsy Arbutus Leemaster

    and Woodrow Prater. They are brought closer together by the disappearance of

    Woodrow's mother, Belle Prater. Full of mystery and humor, written by an

    Appalachian author, the mountain dialect brings everything to life.


    I am enclosing this website: ; this is a listing of great books for

    young readers. If you click on the book, it takes you to a synopsis of it

    and how to use it in the classroom.


    As a social sciences teacher I have found the following novel to be very

    appropriate for teaching students about the 60's and the civil rights

    movement in:

    The Watsons Go To Birmingham by Paul C. Curtis

    The book describes the church bombing in Alabama in 1963 in terms that

    students can understand and empathize with in general. It is appropriate

    for grades 4-8 and should be read aloud. I haven't seen this much interest

    in a class novel in a long time. It carefully entertwines facts about the

    bombing with a fictional family in a sympathetic yet humorous way. I

    enjoyed this one too!!

    Linde Crawford

    Aquarium....interactive television for cats.


    Bud, Not Buddy

    Paul Curtis

    read aloud

    7th and 8th grade

    Bud is a young boy whose mother dies. He goes in search of his real father. I

    loved The Watsons Go to Birmingham, as did my students, but they seemed to


    this even more.

    Harris and Me

    Gary Paulson

    read aloud

    7th and 8th grade

    Harris has to spend the summer with distant relatives.

    He gets himself and his distant cousin in trouble. Hilarious.

    The True Confessions

    Charlotte Doyle

    lit circles

    7th grade

    Charlotte has to cross the ocean on a merchant ship with only the men of the

    crew for company. Always a favorite for my students.

    A Long Way from Chicago

    Richard Peck

    6th and 7th graders

    they love it! It would fit in nicely with a Social Studies unit on the Great


    Out of the Dust

    Author: Hesse

    Grade: 7

    About: A young girl growing up in the Oklahoma Dust bowl mid-20th century.

    Beautifully written, alost like a long poem.

  • 5 years ago

    Robert J. Sawyer is a Canadian sci-fi writer. One of his books with a good theme would be Mindscan because it raises plenty of questions about identity, morality, and even legal issues. In a nutshell, the theme runs along the lines of "You are who you say you are, no matter what the law says about it." Sorry if that sounds a little mysterious, but it will make perfect sense once you've read the book. Sawyer's books are written for an adult audience, but I think that a well-read older teen could appreciate them. Hope that helps!

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    Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

  • 1 decade ago

    6th or 7th graders?

    Try Life of Pi by Yan Martel. They might not fully get it, but it's kind of cool.

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