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Which country's have nuclear weapons?

Which countries have nuclear weapons?

Which countries have nuclear power?

Why doesn't America REALLY want Iran to have nuclear power?

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    US, France, Russia, England, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and South Africa have nuclear weapons.

    Many others have nuclear power plants, but the fuel for those plants typically comes from one of the countries named above.

    The US has no problem with Iran having nuclear power, and has in fact offered to provide enriched uranium fuel and to contract the disposal of the expended fuel, under the observation of the atomic energy commission.

    The technology and tooling used to generate reactor fuel is identical to that required to create nuclear weaponry.

    The elephant in the room, that the Bush administration either thought was too obvious, or was too stupid to point out, is WHY DOES IRAN NEED NUCLEAR POWER? The country is sitting on a virtually limitless petroleum reserve. It has no need for Nuclear power!

    The reason, of course, is because Iran is not after nuclear power. You look at Iran's agenda and international relations for the last 30 years. Iran wants nuclear weapons. Allowing this, in the west's view, would be tantamont to handing nuclear weapons to every terrorist organization in the world. This is unacceptable.

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    Many countries have nuclear power, too many to mention.

    Nuclear power can lead to nuclear weapons, with the right science and enrichment of the uranium. It's precautionary. We all know Iran's true aims, whether you are denying or not.

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