Searching For Skinny Jeans?

Okay, so I have recently started wearing skinny jeans(I'm not trying to follow the scene trend, I just like them better), ANYWAY, I have been looking for some new pairs, since I'm getting bored of cycling through 3 pairs of the same looking jean (All Dark Blue), so basically I'm looking for some new colours.

Colours I'm looking for are: Black, Dark Grey.

So right now, I've been looking in my town and I can't really find anything other than blue.

All that I could possibly find for stores in town are:

West 49

Warehouse One


Below The Belt


Does anyone think I might be able to find any in any of those stores?

PS: This is in Kamloops BC

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    im not sure if this will help but....

    i recently just got some skinny jeans at Kohl's

    they had really dark denim ones that looks close to black and a really nice gray. and they weren't even expensive like others. They cost about $15.00 - $16.00. i got three pairs [:

    there great! i love them.


    you can buy skinny jeans on the link below and its free shipping if you buy $25 dollars worth of stuff or more if you use the code AKASEA

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