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Do u think Raptors would have been better off keeping Sam Mitchell as head coach rather than using Jay Triano ?

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    yeah i really think so. Not like Jay isnt good, but Sam Mitchell is great. You dont just get coach of the year for nothing yeah? But whatever i love the raptors..we'll see how we do once we have our full team back.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I think Sam Mitch should not be fired because he was responsible for bringing this Raptors team to contention. I believe injuries had made this Raptors team to a big disappointment this season.

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    Yes Sam Mitchell could get more playing out of them. But they will come around eventually. They have a great team and they are young as hell so they will get it.

  • I honestly do.

    Sam Mithcell was Coach of the Year not too long ago, and he's fired soon after. It's amazing how teams think their coach is the problem ALL the time.

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