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Can someone explain to me what is going on in Israel?

I would like this in regular speech please not the same diction as the news uses, I'd really like to understand. No racial slurs of any kind please.

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    The most current round of events is when the latest truce expired *Dec 19* and Hamas sent a barrage of rockets over into Israel (approximately 100 over a period of 2 days) starting on *Dec 24* Christmas Eve. One of the targets was a civilian border crossing of a group of Christians trying to make their way to Bethlehem for festivities.

    After years of rocket fire into Southern Israel and other diplomatic attempts failed (blockades are a long ago Western approved peaceful alternative to bombs) and after extensive warnings from Olmert with additional warning that Israel was planning an operation to stop the rocket fire and attack Gaza if they didn't stop it, the rocket fire still continued. Hence you see the operation that started on Dec. 27th continued for approximately 3 weeks. Israel destroyed the tunnels that enabled weaponry supplies to be filtered into Gaza, targeted enemy combatants and crippled Hamas and took other measures to make sure the extremists are not re-armed. These were Israel's objectives for the campaign and they were achieved.

    The reports that Israel targeted "innocent" civilians and schools medical facilities etc is false. International law does provide that when a civilian building is used for military purposes it is no longer considered a civilian building but a military target. While Israel never targets the civilians in these types of buildings itself, if Hamas was in the courtyard of a building or a room in a building Israel has every right to target Hamas with minimal casualty to the rest of the building and its occupants. The ambulances were being used for Hamas transportation (see video below) and the Hamas militants wielding weapons are wearing civilian attire (also see same video.) Hamas policemen also took off their uniforms during the conflict to wear civilian attire of which also brought the civilian casualty count higher.

    During the whole campaign there were pro-Palestinian propagandists showing bloody pictures and fabricated stories trying to garner public sympathy. While Israel does acknowledge there are always innocent casualties of war and is deeply sorrowful for those victims, there is a greater perspective to be viewed. 1 million residents live in Southern Israel and 1.4 million residents in Gaza and the benefits to those peoples far exceed the risks of the war. To help the injured during the war, Israel has already set up agreement to treat those casualties in Israeli hospitals.

    The objectives for the war (which were accomplished) were to:

    destroy the tunnels that enabled weaponry supplies to be filtered into Gaza

    target enemy combatants and cripple Hamas

    take other measures to make sure the extremists are not re-armed by smuggling through land and sea

    hit them hard so they will realize that Israel will not remain silent while rockets are sent into Israel civilian areas.

    It is Egypt's vow to control any further smuggling on the Egyptian-Gaza border and if the weaponry smuggling resumes I expect Israel will re-act with ferocity again.

    Additional gain for Israel is that Hamas is now split between Hamas in Gaza and the Hamas leadership in Damascus. It was Hamas in Gaza when the foreign trained Hamas militants were defeated that begged Meshal for tahdiah (calm) again but Meshal said no.

    So those were the objectives and the gain. Unfortunately, now Hamas is back to terrorizing and murdering the civilians in Gaza again and sending more rockets over into Israel. People wanted Israel to pull out and now there is nobody to stop Hamas.

    Olmert delivers last minute warning:,2933,472856,00.html

    UN Ambulance used by Hamas and Armed Combatants running around in Civilian attire (at the 50 second mark on clip):

    Youtube thumbnail

    Hamas In Their Own Voices

    Youtube thumbnail

    For information prior to the current conflict:

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    Okay, shabmafr is probably the biggest idiot i've ever seen on this website. He can barely speak English and i can disprove all of his "facts"

    Firstly, Israel legally obtained a part of the Palestinian Mandate because the UN voted for it. It was a small piece of land captured after WWII. It used to belong to the Turkish Empire, which collapsed so that land became no mans land. The Jews had been persecuted for thousands of years so the Allies decided to give the Jews a land to protect them. They also offered the Arabs a piece of land, but they wanted all of Palestine or nothing. Then after that, all of the newly formed Arab countries invaded Israel. Israel drove them all back, but it kept happening over and over again. So to stop that, they captured small territories around Israel to prevent the invasions. They signed peace with Egypt, and Israel then gave Sinai back to Egypt. Israel also offered the Gaza Strip but Egypt denied. Israel let the Gazans and the West Bankers (i don't know what you are if you are from the West Bank) have their own government. Israel no longer occupies those territories.

    Second, the UN gave the land to Israel, and they are not aloud to take it back. Israel no longer builds settlements, and does not fund them.

    Thirdly, there is no occupation for the Palestinians to resist. They just hate the Jews.

    Fourthly, the attack was not a holocaust. The Holocaust killed about 4 million more people then Israel did, and 700 of those killed were Hamas members. Israel did not use chemical weapons, they used white phosporus which is legal and not considered a chemical weapon.

    Fifthly, Israel did not lose. They signed a truce.

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    After WW2 and each and all of the ineffective Jews that HItler massacred, the international desperate that the Jews needed a native land. SO particularly of giving them a place in Germany, they desperate "whats up why no longer provide them Palestine?" who cares if there are a team of brown-skinned human beings already residing there? regrettably, no longer in common terms like the interior sight individuals who had the comparable factor ensue to them, The Palestinians did no longer pass away. to place issues in attitude, because of the fact the 1940's much less then 3000 Israeli's have been killed by using Palestinians, 3 hundred Palestinians have been killed by using Israel interior the final week

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    Being neither from the Middle East or from Israel, i would actually have to side with Palestine.

    However Israel got the land is pointless...Palestenians were living there at the time and I would sure be pissed also if someone came with a piece of paper and took away my home.

    Just look at the number of people killed there, there is no justification for that.

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    -israel OCCUPY palestinian land since 1948.

    -UN issue +40 resolution ordering israel to return the occupied land to the Palestinian but israel refuse & keep building ILLEGAL settlements on the occupied Palestinian land.

    -Palestinian start to resist the Occupation.

    -israel put Gaza under siege for about 2 years.

    -Palestinian resist the siege & occupation.

    -israel attack Gaza & commit a HOLOCAUST ,killing +1300 (50% Babies & Kids) & injuring +5000 using chemical weapons against civilians.

    -After 22 days of heavily bombarding the CIVILIANS in Gaza,israel LOSSES & cannot accomplish anything,(except killing civ) so they stop & retreat.

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