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Tap water vs bottled water?

I'm doing chemistry through correspondence and I have to go around asking people questions on bottled water and tap water.

Here's my question that needs answering:

In your opinion, do you feel bottled water is safer than tap water?

give reasons to back up your opinion. How do you feel about SELLING water?

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    Maybe... Chlorine and fluoride in tap water are dangerous chemicals. But, the plastic bottles bottled water comes in can also leech chemicals and they're horrible for the environment. I think a good water purification system for your tap water is the best option. Either reverse osmosis... or a very good filter system with a post filter for fluoride.

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    They're usually both "safe" as far as contaminates go. Mostly, bottled water is just more filtered to improve taste - something you can do at home yourself if you invest in a system.

    The only real thing to worry about is when you're traveling. All tap water has a natural level of bacteria that you get accustomed to, but that bacteria changes from place to place. The difference can initially make you sick, so in this instance, bottled water is usually safer.

    Of course if the bottled water has been left out in the sun, you're also drinking plastic - which is less safe.

    It'd be nice if water was free, along with food and healthcare.. but even tap water is something you pay for, one way or another. I'm glad to have the option to get better-tasting water for a price.

  • I have certain misgivings about fluoride in water. Chlorine adds a bad taste but is cheaper for municipalities than to use ozone.

    I drink both (filtered) tap water and bottled water. The bottled water that I feel is safer than tap water are the Dasani and Aquafina brands as they use tap water but then use a reverse osmosis filtration of the water and then remineralize it.

    Water is cheaper than gasoline. You can drink water but you cannot drink gasoline. Fresh water is a precious commodity and it doesn't matter how I feel about selling's already happening.

    I don't like the thought that freshwater may be sold on a large scale that may result in freshwater lakes and rivers being diverted.

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    I think bottled water tastes better and is safer. You don't know what mistakes they could be making with your tap water. Although tap water has flouride and other stuff that is good for you and your teeth and stuff. Plus its always fun to twist a water bottle and shoot off the cap

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    Kay, in chemistry we tested tap water and traces of alkalie < dunno how to spell it. And bottle water tastes alot better and it came up neutral. So its safer. I would sell water but i would make sure its 100% safe.

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    bottled water

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