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Headaches - When i look up it hurts most?

the pain is bearable.

I've been sleeping 3 - 6 hours since the starting of this week. (Exams) *sigh* So yesterday, I got this headache, (not bad actually..) which is weird. I wake up after sleeping for 7 hours. (yay!) and I still have it?!

so i still have it and it's 12:20 am right now. o.o and when i look up with just my eyes, there's a pain in my forehead and head, it's my like a headach. when I shake my head I can't feel the head ach, when I'm perfectly still I can't feel it. I'm 15. What could this be? is it normal?


Dehydration? mm, sounds about right actually.. I haven't been drinking or eating a whole lot. o.o

I'll try the quick nap thing. :)

Gabby - YEAH! same, after saying side to side, I did it and it hurts even more!

meanlilb... - Yeah.. I have bad vision with glasses. I'm pretty sure I know I have bad vision.

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    I am actually having the same thing right now but my headache hurts most when I look to the sides,and my forehead hurts too but thats because I have a sinus infection but eye strain is another possibility or migraine.

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    I used to get headaches like that all the time. Excedrin helped me the most. Also sometimes taking a quick nap would help. If you get them on a regular basis though you might want to go see you doctor I finally did and they turned out to be migraines so I was finally able to get them under control with the right medicine. Good luck!

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    dehydration causes headaches sometimes and caffine causes dehydration am i making sense?

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    might be vison have ur vison checked

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