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Since there is snow and Ice, does that mean I can't pray here because H20 is edible?

According to what you people are telling me and others, that I cannot pray on things that I can eat... such as cotton and so on. So snow and Ice I will to remove over 18 feet of ice and snow before I can pray as you say? How is this not logical?

You want example of what they said, here Look here!;_ylt=Am...

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@ batman

yes .

we can do sojoud on marble , sand , rock ...etc

but not on something can be wearied or eaten .

قال ( عليه السلام ) : لا يجوز السـجود إلاّ على الأرض أو على ما أنبتت الأرض إلاّ ما أُكل أو لبس.

فقال له : جعلت فداك ، ما العلّة في ذلك ؟

قال ( عليه السلام ) : لأنّ السـجود خضوع لله عزّ وجلّ ، فلا ينبغي أن يكون على ما يؤكل ويلبس لأنّ أبناء الدنيا عبيد ما يأكلون ويلبسون ، والساجد في سـجوده في عـبـادة الله عـزّ وجـلّ ، فلا ينبغي أن يضع جبهته في سـجوده على معبود أبناء الدنيا الّذين اغترّوا بغرورها (1).

ـ علل الشرائع 1 / 37 ح 1 باب 42.

Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq said: "Prostration is not permitted except on the earth and whatever grows from it except on those things that are eaten or on cotton."

When he (Imam Ja'far as Sadiq a.s) was asked whether having one's turban touch the earth instead of the forehead was acceptable, he replied that this was not sufficeint unless the forehead actually touched the earth.

Wasa'il al-Shi'ah, Volume 3 page 592

2 days ago

The day you believe these shia retards is the day you may as well go kill yourself. AstugfarAllah Azeem!

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    dont kill yourself looking for an answer...

    just pray on a mat !! or on the carpet!!

    or if you cant then pray on soil, sand, earth ...

    oh and are you an eskimo??

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  • 1 decade ago

    the hadith that "Staff of Moses" mentioned is correct

    but Islam is simple if there is nothing but snow ... go and pray on snow !!

    why did you showed us all that above ??? what are you trying to say??

    you didn't have to say his name, you could just ask

    I think he was trying to help

    Source(s): always remember we are all muslims and we are all one ummah
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