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Under spiritual reflection, what 1960's television character were you attracted to and liked their character? ?

I always thought Emma Peel (The Avengers) real name - Diana Rigg was the epitome of cool women. She was beautiful, well educated, elegant, athletic and was such a cool, collected person.


Indeed Madam Witch Samatha - I have indeed! She was a classic beauty with elegance and compassion......RIP Carolyn Jones....

Update 2:

Ask Swami! Is trying to kill me off with laughter tonight! You are all my witnesses! Naturalelementary.......Pookie & Soupy are so Borsch Belt and yet, a complete scream!

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    Diana Rigg was a great role model however, I must say that my friend Morticia has a show about her life and family that shows what a rich American life is like day by day. I truely admire her.

    Perhaps you've seen it? It's called the Adams Family.

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    Not attracted to per se, but as a kid I LOVED the 1960's "Batman" show. I was only 5 when it first aired. I was too young to pick up on the cheese factor: I took it 100% seriously, even when Batman and Robin were about to be turned into giant noodles. I think the REAL star of that show for me was the Batmobile. Atomic power with a jet cool is THAT?

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    Marge Simpson Frasier Fred Sanford Pisces with Sagitttarius rising.

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    Well I was not around yet in the 60's or 70's but if it counts probably Beaver Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver being attracted to and liking their character wise probably Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch which was in the 70's. Sorry I couldn't explain more I am an 80's girl:)

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    Laura Petrie - Mary Tyler Moore on the **** Van Dyke Show. Man, was I was a kid, she was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Smoking body, sweet as pie, and just beautiful. She was the perfect woman for me when I was 9.

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    I liked Davie and Mickey from the Monkeys when I was five. But that was in the turn of the decade into the seventies.

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    Yeoman Rand on Star Trek was a hottie.

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    I have a thing for Emma Peel. Mmmmmmm......

    (Also agent 99, Barbara Feldon)!

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    Paul Peterson, the son on the Donna Reed show. I thought he was so cute.

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