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Is Xopenex [levosalbutamol] available in Canada?

I have mild persistent asthma and take FloVent as well as Salbutamol [Ventolin] as needed. I've read about Xopenex online and that it may have fewer side effects [I usually get shakiness and heat palpitations from the Salbutamol].

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday, and may ask about it, but first I'd like to know if Xopenex is available in Canada?



I take the same Salbutamol inhaler as you do. Thanks for your response :)

Update 2:

To my knowledge, levosalbutamol and levalbuterol are sightly different compounds that still are bronchodilators but in some people don't have the same adverse affects of jitteriness and heart palpitations.

My main side effects from Salbutamol are heart palpitations and shaking.

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    I am a Canadian and use salbutamol aerosol dilator. Mine is labeled ratio-salbutamol HFA. As it is put out by ratiopharm inc I would think words levo or ratio refer to the manufacturing company.

    Nowhere on the package or the instructions is the name Xopenex stated.

    Though my use of salbutamol is not for asthma but rather C.O.P.D.the instruction sheet states it is for wheezing of asthma or another chest ailment.

    I think it would be perfectly fine to mention the product to your doctor.

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