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Lebron james is way better than Kobe. Here is the truth.?

I do not want to fight over this. There are reasons why I think that Lebron james is better. When he stepped into the nba he was already that good. Let me explain to you why he is better than Kobe. Cav already improved during this season. They might win the finals this year. If they have home court, they will beat Boston for sure. And i know some people might think Kobe is better. Well people said that cuz they are used to Kobe, but people who are real nba fans know that Lebron is the new king. He is the best player in the nba. Compare him to Kobe is not even close. KG, Ray allen, and Peirce against Lebron....Lebron rape all 3 combined. Kobe cant even handle Peirce in playoffs. Peirce owned Kobe in finals. Lakers didn't deserve to beat spurs those series.The spurs team that won championship was way harder to beat. Lakers beat the spurs because refs cheated them so bad. Besides that manu Ginobli was injured before the playoffs.And he wasnt 100%. Someone asked me " How come lakers beat spurs and Cav got sweep by spurs?" Reason why Cav lost because it was fair and square. Cavs team was too young and inexperienced,but they are way better now. Mo williams, Delonte west,sasha pavalovic

Andy Varejo improved a lot and they didn't have Ben wallace before either .Lebron was also inexperience back then,but he is older now and experienced.The spurs series was when lebron was only 21. Lebron was only 21 OK. He is 24 now and he grew up, he learned from it . In order to succeed, you have to fail first. Kobe is 30 it's totally different. Imagine when Kobe was 23. He wasn't even close to how good lebron is now.Don't get me wrong. I do not think Kobe sucks, i still think he is sick, but he is not the best. People said that he is the best are people who just love to bandwagon. Those people who said he's the best are the same people that bandwagon Celtics/Lakers. If you guys didn't realize. One of the worst thing about Nba is bandwagoners. I just hate bandwagoners. They are not true fan, but they act like they are. Look at me i stuck with the raptors for 6 years. I will never leave the raptors . They are my team. I am loyal. And raptors represent Toronto. We live in Toronto. When Vince carter was in Toronto, everyone bandwagoned Toronto. Now that hes gone, People went off bandwagon. Just sad....When he left people stop caring about raptors. Cuz people just like bandwagoning. I find that most kids, like immature kids like to bandwagon. If you go to any raptor forums. Those people are true fans of raptors.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Lebron is better than Kobe

    But you didnt state any reasons why.

    It was just a bunch of non-sense

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Sure, In the present time LeBron is. Kobe is old and just does not feel like the same Kobe from 2003-2010. I just feel I cant trust him anymore since him and his Lakers just are not consistent anymore. Its not all his fault since he is getting old and is not as athletic as he use to be and his body is failing on him. LeBron can play many positions and all Kobe can do is shoot. Looking at achievements LeBron has more mvps but it is debated Kobe should have won some mvps that he did not get. On the other hand Kobe has more rings but that also can be debated since LeBron has not had a good support cast for his time in Cleveland and Kobe had Shaq for 3 of his titles. In a way I like LeBrons game better since he is great at getting his teammates involved. Huge reason how LeBron made so many deep playoff runs with the Cavs. Kobe tends to force more difficult shots and try to do too much on his own. Really idk, both of their play styles are different. I feel LeBron plays the better ball but Kobe has more rings.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    LeBron James is a much better "all-around" player than Kobe. Better rebounder, passer, scorer, and in time will be better defensively. The only thing Kobe has on LeBron is shooting, and he should be, considering LeBron is a 6'9 SF and Kobe is a 6'5 SG.

    And yeah, I agree with everything you wrote. But, most people here are Kobe jockers, so don't expect many to agree with those sentiments.

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  • 5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    True NBA fans wouldnt be as dumb as you. Because it is stupid to compare players as you can never get a correct answer out of it because there opinions.

    You try to compare two players who are unrelated. Kobe is Kobe, and Lebron is Lebron. They dont play the same position, they are in two diff parts of their career.

    Also team success is not directly correlated to one player. You say its not Lebron fault that they lost, but you would say that it is Kobe fault that they lost.

    A true NBA fan shouldnt be bias. I dont give a rats *** who you think is better.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I actually did read the whole thing....

    But you never presented any facts..

    All you did was state your opinion about how the Cavs will beat Boston, Magic, etc... the end of the paragraph...

    You drifted away from Kobe/Lebron to the Toronto Raptors..

    If you keep doing will get a "F" in your english papers...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Labron is the best all around athlete in the nba, but not the best basketball player... kobe has a smooth polished games without many flaws... labron although is close, has some work to do on his shot as well as his shot selection...Im not a kobe fan at all but u got to respect what he does on the court... so i wouldn't go as far as to say labron is better yet!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh God!!!!!!!This war (Who's better Kobe or Lebron) will never end here.

    Source(s): Dear God, Plz make these people stop asking about who's better Kobe or Lebron.
  • 1 decade ago

    Dude, if you want a real answer, make your thing shorter because nobody is gonna read all that. But yeah I agree with you. LeBron right now is the most complete and best player in the league.

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