What does y= mx+ b stand for? plse help?

What does y= mx+ b stand for? plse help

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    y: y-value in point (x, y)

    m: slope (rise over run, which means points up/down from one point to the next within the line DIVIDED BY points right/left from one point to the next within the line)

    x: x-value in point (x, y)

    b: y-intercept (where the line crosses the y-axis, which runs up and down)

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    Slope intercept formula. lets say the formula was y=2x+1. B is the y intercept (what x is when it's at 0) so in this case b would equal 1 (0,1). m is what you would multiply x by (also called the coefficent)when trying to figure out a coordinate point. For example if x=1 you would find y by multiplying 1 by 2 (y=mx part) and adding 1 (+b or y intercept part). So y=3 so the point would be (1,3). F.S.S. or formula, substitution, solution also goes along with this. You already have the formula, so let's say x=3

    y=2x+1 formula

    y=2(3)+1 substitution

    y= 7

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    It's the equation of a line.

    Y = y point

    m = now much you move your point. Like, 1/2 would be one over 2 down (or slope)

    X= x point

    b = Y intercept

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    it is used to an x and y corridate on a slope/

    m stands for the angle of slope

    x is the x coordinate

    b is the point for the y coordinate where the x coordinate is 0

    y is of couse the y coordinate

    such as y = 5x +2, where x = 3. SO when the equaction tell us that y = 5(3) + 2 meaning y = 17

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    Omg we did this in school just last week. :]

    I know that mx is the slope and b is the y-intercept. I think.. Woops Ms.Gracin (AKA Ms.Grossin.. I know, us kids are childish) will not be happy that I'm forgetting so fast.. haha

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    Er, well, in mathematics, it's the formula for a straight line. m equals the slope of the line and b is equal to the value of the y-intercept. I don't know about in computing, however. How are you trying to apply this formula?

    What program are you trying to use? Knowing that would help.

  • 5 years ago

    The letters M and B are representative of values and could be just about anything. They are a algebriac expression which represents angles. In your formula the X plane is horizontal and the Y plane is vertical. Because you are using the ordered pairs X and Y I assume that you are working with planes. Consider Y=2X+5 The bar on the plane changes the M/B value as it is moved. X and Y are constants and M and B are variables.

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    It's Slope Intercept Form. It's used in graphing equations and such

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    Mathematical Equation. Y (Slope) =M(rise) x (run)+ B(Y-Intercept) Starting point on a coordinate graph.

    Thats what it means if youre plotting this on A graph. This equation is in slope intercept form

    Source(s): This is what were doing in Algebra :]
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    its the slope intercept form

    b is where it crosses the y axis


    m is the slope

    5 would be 5/1 which is 5 to the left and one up

    2/3 would be 2 to the left and 3 up ect.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's an algebra formula called slope intercept form.

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