What does y= mx+ b stand for? plse help?

What does y= mx+ b stand for? plse help

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    y: y-value in point (x, y)

    m: slope (rise over run, which means points up/down from one point to the next within the line DIVIDED BY points right/left from one point to the next within the line)

    x: x-value in point (x, y)

    b: y-intercept (where the line crosses the y-axis, which runs up and down)

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      See now this is a great answer! Short and to the point, too many people who are good at math tend to go on and on and use terminology that the average person does not know which leads to confusing. Good job man! :)

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    Slope intercept formula. lets say the formula was y=2x+1. B is the y intercept (what x is when it's at 0) so in this case b would equal 1 (0,1). m is what you would multiply x by (also called the coefficent)when trying to figure out a coordinate point. For example if x=1 you would find y by multiplying 1 by 2 (y=mx part) and adding 1 (+b or y intercept part). So y=3 so the point would be (1,3). F.S.S. or formula, substitution, solution also goes along with this. You already have the formula, so let's say x=3

    y=2x+1 formula

    y=2(3)+1 substitution

    y= 7

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    It's the equation of a line.

    Y = y point

    m = now much you move your point. Like, 1/2 would be one over 2 down (or slope)

    X= x point

    b = Y intercept

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    it is used to an x and y corridate on a slope/

    m stands for the angle of slope

    x is the x coordinate

    b is the point for the y coordinate where the x coordinate is 0

    y is of couse the y coordinate

    such as y = 5x +2, where x = 3. SO when the equaction tell us that y = 5(3) + 2 meaning y = 17

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    Omg we did this in school just last week. :]

    I know that mx is the slope and b is the y-intercept. I think.. Woops Ms.Gracin (AKA Ms.Grossin.. I know, us kids are childish) will not be happy that I'm forgetting so fast.. haha

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    Er, well, in mathematics, it's the formula for a straight line. m equals the slope of the line and b is equal to the value of the y-intercept. I don't know about in computing, however. How are you trying to apply this formula?

    What program are you trying to use? Knowing that would help.

  • 4 years ago

    The letters M and B are representative of values and could be just about anything. They are a algebriac expression which represents angles. In your formula the X plane is horizontal and the Y plane is vertical. Because you are using the ordered pairs X and Y I assume that you are working with planes. Consider Y=2X+5 The bar on the plane changes the M/B value as it is moved. X and Y are constants and M and B are variables.

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    It's Slope Intercept Form. It's used in graphing equations and such

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    Mathematical Equation. Y (Slope) =M(rise) x (run)+ B(Y-Intercept) Starting point on a coordinate graph.

    Thats what it means if youre plotting this on A graph. This equation is in slope intercept form

    Source(s): This is what were doing in Algebra :]
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    its the slope intercept form

    b is where it crosses the y axis


    m is the slope

    5 would be 5/1 which is 5 to the left and one up

    2/3 would be 2 to the left and 3 up ect.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's an algebra formula called slope intercept form.

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