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What kind of an insect bite is this?

I live in canada and it is winter now so i dont know how this happened. In the last week, i hav gotten three bites. They itch like a mosquito bite but ones huge. I scratched it and a clear liquid comes out of it that looks like water but if i dont rub the liquid off it hardens and then stays there. its really swollen and these bites were on my arms and i realized i got one when i was taking a shower and the i was siting on my bed yesterday night and when i went to the living room i noticed i got bitten twice.. can somene tell me what could hav bit me? mayb a spider or a mosquito? but i doubt it cause its winter

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    because it is winter in Canada, I would say the mosquito's wont be back til spring. I am going with spider bite, as I have been bitten by a spider called "brown recluse" its not pretty and hurts like hell. I would suggest you to clean all bed linens IMMED, move your bed from the wall and turn over box spring and mattress to check there also, then spray bug spray from do it yourself store, like the professionals use and see what happens then, at the worst your room will be clean. And remember to strip the pillowcases and check all areas for any spiders.

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    Definitely mosquito. The clear liquid that comes out is just Pus, where the mosquito drew blood. It will go away in a little wile.

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    Horse Fly? Palmetto Bug Possibly

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    Definitely a spider bite, and yes there are spiders in the winter in canada

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    It may be caused by little 'low temperature burns'.

    May not be a spider or a mosquito. (yeah, because it is winter as you know.) Or visit

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    i live in canada too. it happens once in a while. its probs a spider, flee, or lice. just go to the pharmacy and buy the mosquito spray it will clear it up P.D.Q.

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    Go to a doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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