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Lebron james is better than Kobe ( plz read)?

I do not want to fight over this. There are reasons why I think that Lebron james is better. When he stepped into the nba he was already that good. Let me explain to you why he is better than Kobe. Cav already improved during this season. They might win the finals this year. If they have home court, they will beat Boston for sure. And i know some people might think Kobe is better. Well people said that cuz they are used to Kobe, but people who are real nba fans know that Lebron is the new king. He is the best player in the nba. Compare him to Kobe is not even close. KG, Ray allen, and Peirce against Lebron....Lebron rape all 3 combined. Kobe cant even handle Peirce in playoffs. Peirce owned Kobe in finals. Lakers didn't deserve to beat spurs those series.The spurs team that won championship was way harder to beat. Lakers beat the spurs because refs cheated them so bad. Besides that manu Ginobli was injured before the playoffs.And he wasnt 100%. Someone asked me " How come lakers beat spurs and Cav got sweep by spurs?" Reason why Cav lost because it was fair and square. Cavs team was too young and inexperienced,but they are way better now. Mo williams, Delonte west,sasha pavalovic

Andy Varejo improved a lot and they didn't have Ben wallace before either .Lebron was also inexperience back then,but he is older now and experienced.The spurs series was when lebron was only 21. Lebron was only 21 OK. He is 24 now and he grew up, he learned from it . In order to succeed, you have to fail first. Kobe is 30 it's totally different. Imagine when Kobe was 23. He wasn't even close to how good lebron is now.Don't get me wrong. I do not think Kobe sucks, i still think he is sick, but he is not the best. People said that he is the best are people who just love to bandwagon. Those people who said he's the best are the same people that bandwagon Celtics/Lakers. If you guys didn't realize. One of the worst thing about Nba is bandwagoners. I just hate bandwagoners. They are not true fan, but they act like they are.

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    Fans have been faced with an on-going dilemma that Kobe is better then Lebron. However, what people fail to realize is that this statement is false, Lebron is way better then Kobe. Let's take into account Kobe at age 24 versus Lebron at age 24. Kobe's best statistical year in his entire career does not even come close to surpassing Lebron's best statistical year at the tender age of 24. Now let's discuss Kobe's championship prevailing years where he won his fair share of nba titles. How can we place any of these accolades to Kobe alone. When Kobe won his titles, he was no where near the best player on his team. Shaquille O'neal was the most dominant player of the decade and single-handedly willed his team to victory based upon the triangle offense that Phil Jackson implemented that revolved around his post-game. What Kobe merely did was play a role as a spot-up shooter or isolation player in late shot-clock scenarios to account for broken plays that came about on the occasional offensive set. Now let's go to the NBA finals in 2004, Shaq and Kobe's last playoffs together against the underdog Detroit Pistons. While feuding, Kobe and Shaq put up a fair fight against a very good team. However, as we clearly saw, Shaq was on a decline from his unreal dominance, and Kobe was the man that had to elevate his game to the next level to account for this steady decline. And what do we see instead? Kobe Bryant, ladies and gentlmen, getting absolutely negated and shut down by none other then, Mr.Tayshaun Prince.Now let's fastfoward a few years to the future and look at the 2007 playoff series between Cleveland and the Detroit Pistons. Essentially, the same title winning team, with a more experienced and refined chemistry, with the addition of Antonio Mcdyess and the loss of the offensive liability, Ben Wallace. Lebron James singlehandedly dismantled the entire Pistons team on every offensive set. Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant is a soft jump shooter that was shut down alone.

    BOTTOM LINE: For all you illiterate Kobe bandwagoners that are busy jocking on Kobe's "insert" and aren't true fans of basketball.

    Lebron takes a team with zero all-stars against a team in Boston with 2 superstars in Peirce and KG + a legit all star in Ray Allen to 7 games by himself. Meanwhile, Kobe gets outplayed by ONE of the Big 3 In boston, let alone all 3, and gets his Lakers team destroyed in the finals. AND...The lakers had 3-4 borderline all-star calibre players on that team in Odom, Gasol, and Fisher.

    This year, they arguably have 5 in Odom, Gasol, Fisher and Ariza while Lebron has none, perhaps Mo Williams but that's it. Like Brendan Haywood said, you take Lebron James off the cavs, they might win about 8 games.

    If Lakers don't win this year, it'll be a tragedy because Kobe is no where near Lebron's level yet he has a team stacked with stars while Lebron has none.

    And for all you bandwagoners, Lebron is 23 years old and has already postered Duncan, KG, Rasheed, and company. Go youtube Kobe and see how much posters he has on KG Duncan or Rasheed alone, if he has any at all.

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    i agree with saying as of right now Lebron is better than Kobe, but Lebron is currently in his prime when Kobe is still up there but not at his best. I also wouldnt make that comparison with the spurs game and blaming the refs because the reasons why lakers could beat them and the cavs couldnt were just the different styles of basketball played in those games. So ultimately i agree with u saying Lebron is the better player and once he does get his championship more people will start to realize it

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    No he is not, people who said he's the best are the same people that bandwagon CelticsCavs. If you guys didn't realize. One of the worst thing about Nba is bandwagoners. I just hate bandwagoners. They are not true fan, but they act like they are.

    In case you didn't watch the Cavs vs Lakers game, LeBron was shut downed in that game, you can complain all you want about Cavs are injured, but that doesn't explain how Lebron can get shut downed by a player with 8 fingers.

    EDIT: if you want to compare Kobe at 24 vs LeBron now, then look at this:

    Kobe at 24 years old averaged: 30pts 7reb 6ast 2.2stl

    LeBron averages 28pts 7reb 7ast 2stl

    Now you factor in that Kobe played with a prime Shaq at 24 and he still was able to averaged what he averaged as opposed to LeBron, who CAvs fans so often explain to me "LeBron has to do it all", if anything LeBron's stat should be better, but it's actually not.

    Then you compare the accomplishments, in which case I don't have to remind you Kobe had 3 rings at 24 years old. Technically it would be only 2 since LeBron has yet to finish this season, so it would be unfair to put the ring Kobe won at 24 on the comparison, but that doesn't really make a difference.

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    1. So you are just a Laker hater? Guess what Kobe owned Lebron this past week and don't even think Cabs are getting in the Finals.

    2. Kobe > Lebron

    3. I hear like a bandwagoner

    4. Thank god yolu didn't wanna start a fight beforew bashing the best team in the NBA.

    5. How about you see the games read a little tune in NBA TV from time to time and stop crying like a baby for the Spurs?

    EDIT: Since when saying Kobe is the best mean that Lebron is the worst or even bad?

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    Lebron will never be better than Kobe until he improves his shooting.

    Lebron is a decent shooter compared to other players in the league, but Kobe is lights out even with 2 broken fingers for god's sakes.

    I've seen many buzzer beaters from Kobe, i can't recall seeing even 1 from Lebron yet. Imo that's what makes Kobe the superior player.

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    I agree. But i think that the argument is not how good Kobe was when he was 23 compared to how good Lebron was when he was 23. I do believe Lebron will achieve more, though, because he is young and is already unbelievable.

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    WHY are Lebron fans always trying to hate on Kobe. It's so so sad. Get over it man, and just wait til Kobe retires. Than you Might be able to make a case for Lebron, that is if Brandon roy, Dwade, or CP 3 don't steal his thunder. You must be another worker from the media trying to force feed us Lebron James Crap. We have our own eyes dude. Quit trying to George Bush us.

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    wtf?how can lebron be better if he uncorks 30 footers with 20 seconds left in the shot clock in a second quarter of a game? Come on i know he does this espn highlight things and stuff but come playoff time he chokes so bad, that the cavs got swept against the spurs

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    does it fricken matter!?!?!?!?!?!?! there are both great, people get over it! everyone thinks differently! I think Kobe's better u think James is better, big deal, they both got there A$s kicked in the last 2 finals. pretty sure cavs didnt even get past the pistons last year, and celts beat them, so get off the whole lebron would rape the big 3, cuz he couldnt even MAKE IT TO THE Conference finals to PLAY the big 3. i hate bandwagoners as well. 80% of nba fans like lebron because he is the NBA's golden boy, and casual fans are attracted to him. casual or bandwagon, whichever you call it. Now unless ur from cleveland, u are the exact same as them. get off it damn

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    naw, kobe is better. dont compare those two, kobe has rings, lebron doesnt have Sh$% . lebron doesnt show up in the playoffs (this year will be his biggest test yet) and you cant win a championship with high flying dunks. kobe is better than lebron now, and he isnt even in his prime... whether or not lebron has peaked we will soon find out. kobe isnt comparable to lebron... the only comparison you can make with kobe is jordan... and jordan was the best... ever. lebron has major potential, but 1.jordan2.kobe

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