What can a broken mirror symbolise? ?

i am doing this drama project in school and we are all ask to think about what a broken mirror can symbolise so we can make a play about it. can u please help

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    A mirror reflects the images of whatever is placed in front of it, so a broken mirror can symbolize the person looking into it not being able to see their true self.

    Mirrors are often symbolized as a link between two worlds, even as the conscious and unconscious self, such as in Alice In Wonderland. A broken mirror may symbolize an inability to transcend the passageway between the two.

    A mirror can also represent a magical tool in many stories, which can bring the bearer knowledge, insight, or power (such as in Beauty and the Beast, or Snow White). Conversely, a broken mirror may represent the bearer being unable to use it to their benefit, not being able to see or learn something from it, or being powerless.

    In case you're curious, the origins of breaking a mirror causing 7 years bad luck came from wealthy slave owners before the Civil War. African American slaves from that time had many beliefs in their religions that made them very superstitious and believe in things that represented a "good omen" or a "bad omen". Mirrors were very expensive back then, and the rich slave owners wanted to make sure the slaves were extremely careful when moving and hanging up the mirrors so they wouldn't break them. Thus, they made up the "bad omen" of breaking a mirror causing the person who broke it to have 7 years bad luck. The number 7 was also a very powerful number in the religions of many of the slaves back then. I learned this a long time ago while touring several old famous mansions in Virginia.

    Hope this helps.

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    Broken Mirror Tattoo

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    i have a broken mirror tattoo for over 20 years. at the time it was a cool symbol clan malkavian vampire the dark ages

    it is a sign of both madness and enlightenment.. fine line one does not know there true reflection in a broken mirror, each shard each angle refracts differently. or one knows well enough not to care about the looks and doesn t care or need to see the mirror.. it is a vanity you know

    some other reasons of course, but to each there own.. it s also related to the fool in tarot.

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    If your looking at yourself in the mirror than that means you incedibly ugly. If not then means 7 years bad luck. OR the latino version count the broken pieces...thats how many years of bad luck your going to have.

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    It could symbolize a person who had a disfiguring disease and felt that love was forever lost to them, maybe they were in an accident and became disfigured, maybe someone fell in love with a younger person and thinks they have aged to the point of no longer being beautiful so they crash the mirror in anguish. Or someone has done a deed so unforgivable that to look in the mirror constantly reminds them of who they really are . . . or something like that. Good luck with it.

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    7 Years of bad luck

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    A broken mirror can symbolize someone seeing past another's facade or "everyday face". It can also symbolize impending death/doom if it cracks when someone is looking in it.

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    My partner put the mirror away because we were cleaning... (only a small decorative one) I went to retrieve it today and there is a crack in it :( Should I still hang it up or throw it out. Its beautiful

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    1000's of Tattoo Designs & Ideas

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    7 years of bad luck my dear

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