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What would you say about the Paul Mitchell hair straightener?

I owned a CHI... I had it for about a year, and it broke... It kinda fried my hair, and made it look like hay..

I trimmed my hair, but I still need a new straightener. I am NOT buying a CHI, and a GHD is too expensive.

SO what about the Paul Mitchell hair straightener?

or the Sedu Revoloution?

or the Solia?

I'm so confused!! Which one do I get?!?!

Thankyou so much if you could help :]

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  • K
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    1 decade ago
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    The Paul Mitchell is amazingg. I <3 Mine! It gets my hair super smooth and silky.

  • hamn
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    1 decade ago

    the Paul Mitchell is good, but overpriced for what you get.

    Price wise, the Solia is the best, and performance wise, the Sedu is a little bit better than the Solia, but it all depends on the texture of your hair.

    I recently tested the Solia about 6 months ago? through Folica, and it works really well. Everyone i use it on likes the silky smooth hair, and it straightens hair really quickly. The floating plates don't snag on your hair, and the plates don't fry your hair, and heat up quickly and evenly. The results amazing, in conjunction with an iron spray, it leaves your hair straight and soft for days

    The Revolution is great if you have really thick and course hair. It goes through hair quickly like the Solia, and it's pretty durable.

    Ask your hairstylist and see what she recommends. But you can't go wrong with either :) personally, i'd go with the Solia, just for the price and the quality you get

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    sedu is good

    haven't heard of paul mitchell

    but a lot of people says chi is really good.

    You can also try a steam straightener if you get really dry hair

    the best thing is not to use a straightener at all, and make sure if you do, use a hair protector spray. I like Aussie's, it works amazing! It's called Aussie's heat protector+conditioner spray

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    chi paul mitchell hair straightener

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would reccomend the Sedu Revolution. I don't own one, but my bestfriend does, and since I'm at her house alot, I don't even use my own. I love hers, i have naturally super curly hair and it leaves my hair pin straight, feeling so soft! And it stays straight all day, in humidity too!

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    the paul mitchell one is supposed to be good, I want one but they are expensive and not really in the stores ive been to :/ its supposed to deep condition your hair so im defienetly in for that.

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