Renting a one bedroom apartment in Lima, Peru?

My wife and I are looking to rent a one bedroom apartment in Lima, Peru, with a kitchenette. Our budget is around 500 dollars a month, for a 2 month period. This would be from december 2009 till maybe the middle of February 2010, we would appreciate any advise you can give us.

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    Hi, I live in Peru and have been living here for a while. You can definitely find an apartment within your budget but it mainly depends on the location.

    Lima is a city, but there are many towns within it. The most popular for tourists is Miraflores, Barranco and so on. But for example Miraflores has high renting rates. I live near Miraflores in Chorrillos and renting rates are considerably lower. I pay $120 a month for an Apartment with 1 bedroom, kitchen, living room and lots of patio space.

    There will be an apartment available after August 2009 where I live and it is around $250 a month and it is a 3 bedroom, kitchen, living and parking space as well if needed. But this is in Chorrillos.

    You can find a 1 bedroom kitchen apartment in the more popular tourist area, Miraflores but prices will be higher. Maybe around $300-400 for what you are looking for.

    You can also check out if you are willing to stay with a family in Peru.

    As for checking apartments in Peru, I suggest you check the classifieds in the popular newspaper el Comercio. I've included these sources below :)

    E-mail me if you need any help in translating or if you need help once you are in Peru. I can offer translating services and I just charge whatever you think is fair (like tips lol).

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    There is a site where you can search by city, district, Nº of rooms etc, etc.

    But I checked it and I think the prices are very high. There you can find a 1 bedroom apartment in Miraflores (NEW but only 45 mt2) for as much as US $ 600. Man! I rent an apartment fully-equiped 5 blocks from that one at US $ 300 and mine is 50 Mt2 not so new but impecable.

    I called my building to ask them for an E-mail but they told me that they don't give out any information concerning Apts. for Rent, that there are brokers who do that for you. I'll try to get someone's E-mail for you.

    I always recomend Miraflores because it's a district were you don't need a car to move around and it's very safe. Because driving in Lima is quite a challenge for foreigners.

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    Tre craigs list

    You'll find everything you need there. Excellent for expats.

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