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Who has the best boxing skills in MMA?

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    I'm sure there are a bunch of ex-boxers who have moved to this sport that I don't know about - but of the top guys I'd say:

    Marcus Davis

    Vitor Belfort

    BJ Penn

    Jens Pulver


    Those guys rarely use kicks and almost exclusivley use punches when standing.

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    Fedor is NO boxer. . .. he has a decent "stand-up" game for MMA, but his real asset is his ground and pound.

    The best MMA fighters include:

    1) Chuck Liddell. . . uses combinations and uppercuts really effectively, and relies heavily on his hand speed

    2) Vitor Belfort. . . . a few years ago, no one, and I mean NO ONE had hand speed like Vitor's. Youtube Vitor's fight with Wanderlei Silva from a few years back. You'll see exactly what I mean.

    3) Rich Franklin. . . . rather competant on his feet. . .and his hands are really, really heavy. He's great on the ground, but watch his stand-up. . he circles the ring like a boxer.

    What I find fascinating is that either of these three guys could have been excellent boxers if they'd have focused on it. Having said that, they're doing "just fine" where they are, in a really cool sport which is still, really, in it's infancy.

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    Sean Sherk has a very good boxing game, he is somewhat feather fisted but he throws fast, sharp combinations and volume punches, his only drawback is he doesn't get into the right range to use it.

    Marcus Davis has a good hands and a subtle defense, his foot speed is very impressive for someone his age and he fights in the pocket very well.

    B.J. Penn is very adept at pure boxing, he uses his jab effectively and slips and counters better than anyone else in MMA. He doesn't hold hs hands as high as I'd like but he is still the best in MMA in my opinion.

    Eddie Alvarez is a compact, strong puncher who punches very crisply and I think of him as MMA's Miguel Cotto but he uses his right hand more than the left hook.

    Andrei Arlovski is very fast in the hand and foot department and he is razor sharp with his dangerous right hand. His biggest asset is his movement and his angles.

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    BJ Penn, Marcus Davis, and Andrei Arlovski.

    BJ's is probably the most effective. BUt marcus davis actually boxed and was pretty good. And andrei has been taught by the best (freddie Roach) and is ever improving. Chris Lytle is pretty good too, but hes got more of a dirty boxing style, which wouldn't work well in real boxing

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    Brandon Vera!

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