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Can someone show me a recent video/picture of Jessica simpson, Heard she gained alot of weight?

Somone told me they saw a video of jessica simpson and she was huge.

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    In my opinion, she is not fat, she is curvy and she looks okay with it. I am currently here in Philippines and I heard about the news and its funny how the radio stations here talk about her and even called her "elephant", "fat pig" etc so I checked it on the internet and found that he is not that huge just what the media is saying. I dont like her outfit in her recent curvy made her look awful but we all agree she's gorgeous.

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    Check,/ it's a celebrity style and gossip blog - they have a pretty current picture of her weight -

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    Why does being skinny and narrow matter lots to people? It would not define who you're.Thick people could be attractive too. you will particularly have a movie star harm their wellbeing just to thrill the team? grow to be anorexic, bulimic merely using fact "that's what they're meant to look as though"? Its sick and its pathetic and absolutely everyone who thinks that way is merely too. you will desire to love your self the type you're, whether you're actually not a length 2.

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