NEW MOON BOOK!!! What did Rosalie have to do with EDWARD going to ITALY!!!?

I thought I was because Alice saw Bella jump of the cliff… then I know she told Rosalie…

Was it then Rosalie who told Edward.

Then I know he called Bella’s Jacob answered, acting like Carlisle and Jacob told him that Charlie was at the funeral. Confirming what Edward heard.

Anyways… just a bit confused, because Rosalie was saying sorry and crap, should it mainly be Alice’s fault. Even though Alice wasn’t’ entirely to be blame, Bella did jump of the cliff :P

Just need some clarification!! That would be greatly appreciated.

Ohh I was soo happy when Edward came back, but the pain and heartache he put Bella through was soo unfair!!!

I finished New Moon is about 5hrs, and I’m heading to the mail to get the other two books. I read Twilight in like 3days, but New Moon I couldn’t stop till things got exciting, and when they did omg I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. Ha ha.

Hope Ms. Myer makes more books soon. Or I’ll have to really take my time on Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.



Aww Twilight Addict.. your more confused then mee.

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    Rosalie called Edward and told him that Bella was dead, because of what Alice told her of her visions. Alice keeps warning them that her visions are somewhat erratic, but Rosalie felt the need to run to Edward and tell him what she knew had to be earth-shattering news without a confirmation that it was true. She started the whole chain of events -- Edward called for confirmation, and got Jacob muttering about Charlie being "at the funeral", which, to him was confirmation -- although the next reasonable question SHOULD have been, "Oh? Whose funeral?" As a result, Edward ditched his cell phone in a South American trash can and then took off to Italy in order to commit his own form of suicide.

    Alice had, as a wise girl, came to check things out and found Bella alive. It never occurred to her that Rosalie would be in such a rush as to bring Edward such terrible news.

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    Alice told Rosalie that she saw Bella cliff diving but she didnt see her get rescued because alice cant see werewolves. She told Rosalie not to tell Edward cause he would overreact, but Rosalie did tell him thats why when Alice was on the phone she was like 'Why would you do that Rosalie?" but Edward knew that Alices visions were not always true and he didn't beleive that Bella would do that so he called the Swan house pretending to be Carlisle to confirm, but when Jacob said that Charlie was at the funeral he thought it was Bellas funeral, so he went to italy and asked the volturi to kill him cause he cant live in a world where she doesnt exsist.

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    Alice told Rose that she seen Bella killing her self by jumping off a cliff and it happens so that day Edward called Rose to see if everything was okay when she told Edward that Bella died. That's when Edward went to Italy to kill him self.

    It wasn't Alice's fault at all because Rose didn't know what she was talking about all she knew was what Alice told her she seen.

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    i think Alice told Rosalie that she saw Bella jump off of a cliff and Rosalie told Edward that Bella died.

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  • 1 decade ago NO!


    rosalie wasnt on the phone. that was edward..

    re-read. apparently you need to.

    no. but alice told rosalie what she saw.. then rosalie told edward. then edward called charlie, and jacob answered saying charlie was at the funeral.. then that clarified to edward that bella was dead.

    (which she wasnt)

    so then since edward thought she died he went to italy.

    and it was rosalies fault because she told him that she died.

    and it was a little bit of jacobs too.

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    Alice told Rose but she didnt wanna tell Ed cos she knows that her vision was imperfect and didnt wanna see Ed suffer

    but stupid Rose called Ed...haha yeh

    go to StephMeyer's website click on Twilight series

    on the left hand side u'll see New Moon and the them!

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    Rosaline told Edward because she didnt know that Bella was still alive

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    Oh, I got Edward confused with Rose! Ha.

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