How to create pop up windows in Microsoft access?

I'm a newbie to access.

Right now, I'm doing a database for the company. I have all the information entered in tables already. But since to protect the information, the users need to enter the information in the form, instead of table. What i'm trying to do is to have a button on every page of the form that contains the customer information to be linked to other forms, such as the P.O form. there can be hundreds of purchase orders per one customer, so it is better to have a pop up window that contains all the purchase orders.

How can I do this??


I've tried something that black curtain said, when i add the button, it opens the same file for all the rest entries.. it doesn't allow me to open separate files for separate entries...

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    After you create the forms put it in design view then right click and get the tool box if it's not already there and click the button that makes buttons and I'm sure you can figure out the rest from there.

    **********Use the button wizard and you can select what table/query the data comes from**********

    Source(s): I make databases for management at work.
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    you can use the msgbox() function!

    something like this:

    IF msgbox(Prompt:="Is this record complete?", Buttons:=vbYesNo) = vbyes then

    me.xboxname = true


    me.xboxname = false

    end if

    but if you are thinking of showing all the purchase ordes, its better creating a new form to display them and just call the form on the on_click event!

    try using msgbox just to get simple answers like, do you want to save? yes? no?!

    message boxes are mainly to handle small task like yes, no, cancel, retry, etc etc!!

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