Can U Believe this Email I rec'd.from Obama's Move On org. RE: DONATING MONEY to help w/Economy Legislation?

Please, help me understand how legislation being passed by our ELECTED OFFICIALS is any cause for these DEMOCRATS to be SOLICITING even MORE MONEY? Why should WE be paying for ads especially this guy that IS *supposedly* out of work?! Your thoughts please! From ALL Parties! Thanks!

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Subject: My situation

My family's been directly impacted by this crisis. Passing Obama's economic recovery package would help my family and millions of others. But, to do it, we need to swing a few Republicans, so MoveOn is airing ads in key states. Can you chip in $25 to help air the ad?

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Dear fellow MoveOn member,

I'm James. I'm a MoveOn member, dad to two teenagers, and, until recently, I had a pretty good job in construction. But the company I worked for lost a lot of projects when the economy tanked, and I got laid off, without much notice.

So I wanted to write to ask for your help. Not help for me, but for all the folks who are out of a job or otherwise struggling in this recession. Let me explain.

President Obama's economic recovery plan just passed in the House—it's got billions of dollars for education, mass transit, and clean energy. But what really gets me is that not a single Republican voted for it, despite all the efforts by President Obama to reach across the aisle. If the same thing happens in the Senate, it won't pass. But millions of families like mine need it to pass—it could put me, my former coworkers, and millions of other Americans back to work—and turn this economy around.

We need to get some Republicans on board. MoveOn has ads ready to go in key states—states where Republican senators are deciding right now whether or not to support Obama's plan. But time is running short. I just chipped in, and I hope you can help, too. Click here to contribute:

A new stimulus might mean a new job for me—weatherizing homes or constructing green affordable housing. It'd give my kids' school some much needed funding. And it could mean real investments in mass transportation to ease traffic and cut emissions.

This is a big moment, both for my family and for families around the country. If thousands of us act, we can get these swing senators to change their votes. But we'll need to do it fast—the vote could come as early as next week. I hope you can help out.

Thanks for being such a great community. And thanks for all you do.

–James Spitzer, your fellow MoveOn member

PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. This email was sent to Diana Heath on January 30, 2009. To change your email address or update your contact info, click here. To remove yourself from this list, click here.


** WHAT GETS ME -- as a VERY ashamed registered Democrat --- Is that they would solicit money even from people in THEIR PARTY who are OUT of WORK, NEEDY, BEING FORECLOSED ON, or anything else! They have NO SHAME! I get NOTHING LIKE THIS FROM the REPUBLICAN PARTY! Now you tell me... Which Party is the MONEY HUNGRY, GRUBBIN' BUNCH! Who will do ANYTHING to ACHIEVE WHAT THEY WANT?! ** Now, I'm sure we'll begin hearing from the bobble-heads who've been trained by the propagandized robots to repeat the well-rehearsed MANTRA that's REPEATED in UNISON by the ENTIRE PARTY!

Update 2:

Dearest Caldwood: How, as a TRUE AMERICAN who LOVES her Country & would DIE for it without a seconds thought, NOT FEEL ANY other way?! How can BEGGING money from People on Their LAST LEG FINANCIALLY – WHO Obama PROMISED to HELP IMMEDIATELY! Be the ANSWER to SAVING this Country? If YOU think that’s the ANSWER, Sir, then you’d best crawl further back in your cave, pull up the covers & keep hiding under them, & PLEASE do continue those hypnotic drugs the Democratic Party has filled you full of! When you’re unable to even ADMIT to ANY Fallacies that come up pertaining to ANYTHING THEY DO, then YOU’RE LOST Son! YOU’RE NO HELP to this Country or It’s People! I’m a reg. Democrat though I DIDN’T vote for Obama because his LESS THAN 3-MONTHS in the Senate DIDN’T prepare him for the biggest job in the World, but I was ready to SUPPORT him! However, after his 1st DAY on the Job he showed me that would be IMPOSSIBLE!

Update 3:

He’s PROVEN he DOESN’T have America of US in his BEST INTEREST! He’s worried MORE about Terrorists, FORCING Abortions on poor black girls in 3rd World Countries, RESEARCHING BEES, ReSodding the National Mall – Where I know is the site of weekend family & friends picnics, touch football & Frisbee games! So, please tell me what in blue blazes good is it to SOD it? Costing so MANY 100s of MILLIONS of $$ that could be USED for reopening Factories, Jobs…? Throw some GRASS SEED on it goodness sakes just a thought - Let nature take it’s course - Leave it ALONE! America NEEDS so MUCH MORE right now than grass on the “Mall” in D.C. for people to PLAY on! The frost would kill it anyway! If those weren’t BAD ENOUGH! He’s BRINGING 10s of THOUSANDS JUST to BEGIN with - of “Displaced” IRAQI REFUGEES – Mainly SINGLE WOMEN w/CHILDREN – as if we DON’T have enough of those to SUPPORT all ready! To OUR COUNTRY! YES! They will be ADDED to OUR Welfare Rolls! Now where’s that a TAX Cut?

Update 4:

Thanks so much, justgetitright, for the breakdown! That put it in a lot more perspective; though, I wish you'd went even further w/ALL the OTHER Pork barrel garbage that really has me jumping at the gate!

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  • GunnyC
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    1 decade ago
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    I t would appear that deception and self interest still run rampant. Funny the request for funds did not mention that moveon org would be in the running for millions of dollars from the stimulus package and the funds would not be restricted to non-political activities as funds to non-government entities usually are, it seems the Democrats who wrote the package forgot to put the caveat in it that is required (you reference a separate law forbidding the use of the funds for political purposes and defines what those uses are) in the bill. As for the often repeated talk of bipartisanship and how the President reached across the aisle to include Republicans-well that was all done after the bill was written by Rep Pelosi and friends and just prior to the vote-where was the working together bipartisanship when the bill was being written? Since this emergency bill that must pass quickly is needed right now without debate for one reason only-to stop people from looking at the social programs, pork barrel earmarks, political payback and seeing that most of the money will not do anything for a year or more because the pork comes first. A very bad bill and will not help people any where close to the funding would indicate and not quickly so why the rush to push it through besides getting it done before people look at it? Actually too late since only 42% of the public now think it is a good bill. For the helping him since construction is part of the bill-if he is union possibly but the Democrats want much of the construction jobs to go to non-white, long term unemployed people and women; go back and look at the discussion and the remarks made-they do not want the construction jobs going to white people. President Obama does not run the DNC either but he is a member and he made good use of the money provided, enjoyed the Gen Betryus line and refused to condemn them for that and got lots of donated labor and free air time from them so he owes them and Chicago politics means he will bail them out with taxpayer money. 4.19 billion for community projects-175 million reserved for non-government entities (ACORN and MoveOn as examples) and the remainder will be split based on some formula but the community organizations will compete with state and local government entities for it;read the bill.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is just a great example of people deception of the Government and its role in our life.

    People are trying to justify a bill that has many many future repercussions like the MAJOR devaluation of the dollar. The 700 billion stimulus hasn't hit us yet. Meaning it hasn't circulated once all this money goes through the population, we are screwed. There will be price fixing all over the place just to try and recover peoples living status because with the decline of the dollar so sharp your gonna see, a crap load of people who cant live anymore. Then the government will step in to do there fix. DO people not understand what is happening here, we are becoming a total socialized nation.

    This is what happened when you people stop doing things for themselves and expecting the government to do it. I know to many people who have this I am owed attitude. They are the ones who live fully off the government and don't even pay taxes or vote. In fact most have no clue whats going on, but don't you dare take away there check each month. You would have CRIME like never before.

    .People who feel they are owed to passionately, for something they never worked for.

    In terms of the letter. I understand that the stimulus would help some people, it would give back some jobs, this WOULD HAPPEN! But the long term effects on society are not worth it. Please listen to RON PAUL.

    bottom line:

    Just politicians trying to get more power and money. Its just the same old stuff though. Political organization do this stuff all the time to try and get your money and your vote

    Sorry I babble.....even in type... I wish we could all talk on

    Source(s): freedom.....
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  • Dianne
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    4 years ago

    I got that same email verbatim about a year ago from a woman I know in NY. I immediately texted her to see if it was real and, surprise, it's a phony. So let Stephen rot in Lagos, where he probably is sitting in an internet cafe hacking real peoples' accounts and sending that email to everyone in their contacts. But it must work at least 1 in 100,000 times or they would come up with a new scam. There are numerous scams out there, many are very believable (this one isn't).

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I read the entire thing and checked it out myself, and it is exactly what I thought it was...MOVEON.ORG trying to raise more money. They've never had any shame and I don't expect that they ever will.

    Remember, MOVEON.ORG was created for the purpose of stopping the Clinton impeachment hearings. Since then, it has taken on a life of it's own and is now one of the most influential organizations in Democratic politics.

    IT IS a partisan organization of George Soros, Michael Moore, etc., so when I read this guy talking about "reaching across the aisle" I just wanted to laugh.

    I'm an independent, but I DO support Obama and I think his economic stimulus plan -though not perfect- is what the country needs to get the economy back on track. BUT, it will be a cold day in hell before I EVER donate one cent to MOVEON.ORG

    Source(s): Me...just me
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  • 1 decade ago

    Justgetitright and LevontheMan are my friends and what they say is what I would say. And frankly Dianne if you don't want to directly personally write me than you are really afraid of us all. Next time write me directly to my real email as you have it and if you're so paranoid that justgetitright and Levontheman and myself will write you directly then we would. But you don't want to realize that YOU don't have to give any money whatsoever. I won't ever give to groups. And why are you getting this in the mail? Unless you are a Democrat?? huh.

    I"m tired of answering questions, I did alot before Obama was elected, now I just say to USA and Canadians, just get your soul in order cause death will be coming soon enough to the lot of us.

    Remember I mention for months about the concentration camps, you think they are fake they are for real. Americans and Canadians are so naive and got their heads in the sand.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pure socialist garbage - if you want to do something to stop Soros and Obama and the rest of the treasonous liars who prey on the emotions of uninformed people, sign up for Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty. You'll get the truth about these lying globalists and maybe, just maybe, enough people can stand together and rescue America from the jaws of destruction.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    GIve 'em heck, Belle. It'll keep you busy on relatively harmless, if hateful things, and out of the way of the serious people who want to join together and help this country. Heck, type all your words in all caps, make the poor folks who think we ought to work together really mad, maybe then they'll quit wasting time here and go work on something that matters and get off the silly stuff you are so whupped up about.. Go Gal, go!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've actually seen these ads on tv. Its really troubling that the obama regime is still running political adds to brainwash the masses into backing his regime with unquestioning loyalty. All those who dare to speak or vote against the regime are demonized and ridiculed in order to silence all opposition. the way this is going, they will probably outlaw the opposition party before long. Everyone will either have to step in line as a good party loyalist or end up in prison.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is just another shameful attempt by Obama and all the other communists masquerading as "democrats" to further their socialist agenda. His economic stimulus package is nothing more than a HUGE war chest to shore up social programs, welfare, food stamps, etc. Spending a trillion dollars we don't have on programs we don't need so that people who are to lazy and/or proud to take whatever job they can get. Look at the great depression. Business owners lost their businesses and looked for ANY job to save their families. My great grandfather went from being a farm machinery store owner, to being the guy that sweeps trash off the sidewalks and was DAMN HAPPY for the work. Now if someone losses their job, they sit on their butt collecting government benefits until that job becomes available again. The path our nation is going down is shameful. No wonder the Chinese are gaining on us so fast.

    Source(s): a FORMER Democrat that will never vote for another democrat again.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow! I Knew I hated but this is ridiculous! This so called stimulas package is nothing but a spending bill, full of pork. This is nothing but a payback to those he owes his election to. I also signed up for an Obama newsletter- just to keep up with what is being said- they beg for money every time they send an email! You know what- I doubt seriously that very many people can afford to donate at this time. Great question!

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