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How can I add more flow to this paragraph:

The Rio Grande is located in the United States and Mexico. It was formed by a separation in the Earth’s crust created by faulting and other Earth movements when the North American and the Pacific plates scraped against each other. The Rio Grande rises in the San Juan Mountains and flows 1855 miles southeast through New Mexico forming the 1240 miles boundary between Texas and Mexico and ends at the Gulf of Mexico. Descending through deserts, steppes, and rich agricultural areas, the Rio Grande flows through four geographic regions including the Colorado Rookies, the San Luis Valley, the Sangre de Cristo, and the Rio Grande Valley. The major tributaries of the Rio Grande are the Pecos, Devils, Chama, Conchos, Salado, and the Puerco River.

Thank you so much!! <3

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    (I like that : more "flow" to a paragraph about a river! Ok...I like punny things...) Instead of having your first three sentences be declarative statements about the Rio Grande, blend them together. Like this: The Rio Grande, located in the US and Mexico, was formed by a separation in the Earth's crust that resulted when the North American and Pacific plates shifted and slid against each other. The river forms the 1240 mile boundary between Texas and New Mexico, rising in the San Juan Mountains and flowing 1855 miles southeast through New Mexico and ending at the Gulf of Mexico. (I like the rest of what you have.)

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    What you can do is just use transition word to make it flow going.

    here are some examples of transition words you may want to add at the beginning of maybe 2 or three sentences.

    transition words:

    also, again, as well as, besides, coupled with, furthermore, in addition, likewise, moreover, similarly

    accordingly, as a result, consequently, for this reason, for this purpose,

    hence, otherwise, so then, subsequently, therefore, thus, thereupon, wherefore

    as a rule, as usual, for the most part,

    generally, generally speaking, ordinarily, usually

    hope i really helped

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