Unable to access downloads on xbox 360?

My family has recently purchased a xbox arcade, after our old one broke down. Everything on it is fine except I can't access downloads that are on my brothers profile. We're are on the same hard drive, the only thing different is the shell. I was able to access the info before but now I can't (unless his profile is logged in as well). Is there anything I can do, because some of the downloads were from special edition games (like the golden gun from gears 2), and I not sure if I can get them all again.

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    Certain games have things called "Licensing"

    Like for instance there are things from which you will only be able to access content you downloaded onto the primary Xbox, meaning the first Xbox from which you downloaded the content.

    You probably should have sent the Xbox in for repairs and they would automatically do a "License" Transfer for you.

    If you still have the Original Xbox you can register it here http://support.xbox.com/support/en/us/xbox360/regi...

    And request for a repair.

    Or you can do what is called a "Manual License Transfer" where you pretty much do it yourself.


    You must follow the steps correctly in order to do it correctly

    Scroll down to the link where it says "Start the license transfer process now"

    I don't know if this will help, but it helped when I wanted to have my downloaded songs from my Guitar Hero to my new Xbox.

    Source(s): www.xbox.com And from experience
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    Nothing you can do about it except to have him logged in. Everything that you downloaded is linked to the original 360's serial number, so when you get a new 360, you have to be connected in order to use those stuff again. i guess it's MS's way to stop people from sharing their games by downloading it on their friend's 360.

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