a question for our american friends!!!!!!!!!! 10 easy points?

hi guys im living in the UK and have often seen and hered on tv of a candy product called "TAFFY" . what is this? also there is saltwater taffy. is it like what we brits call toffy? i have never seen it in england. thnx guys......xxxxxx.......

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    In the UK, you have Taffy candy under the names Chewits and Starbursts. The texture is similar to a soft caramel, although taffy usually comes in lighter fruit flavors and the sugar has not been caramelized. After heating and combining the ingredients (usually corn syrup, glycerin and butter) taffy is 'pulled' into elongated strands and folded back together over and over in order to incorporate air into the candy and make it lighter and slightly chewy.

    "Saltwater Taffy" has no saltwater or sea water in it. It is just a name usually given to any taffy cut into bite sized pieces and wrapped in a small square of wax paper. Salt Water Taffy if often made and sold at candy shops in coastal towns, but can be sold anywhere.

    Taffy is very different from toffee here in the US. But in the US we have different types of toffee. Toffee here can be hard, almost crunchy or soft like caramel. Sometimes you will hear people refer to one type or another as either English Toffee or American Toffee. The English is usually the harder type -similar to what you find in the US's Heath bar.

    You have taffy-apples over there, don't you? Well that is what we would call a caramel apple. But some people here would call that same coating "toffee" if it weren't on an apple. This kind of soft toffee is similar to what is in the candy we call "toffifay"

  • Taffy is a candy made my pulling sugar and incorperating air and flavor into the candy to make it a kinda chewy cosistancy like gum and marshmallow. It's nothing like english toffee. Toffee is hard and crunchy where as taffy is light and airy.

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    Toffy is hard. Taffy is softer and chewy. Really really chewy. It comes in all kinds of flavors. You should order some online. It isnt expensive. They used to sell it for a few cents. Anyway I hope this helps.

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    its a gross(at least thats what i think) candy in brightly colored wrappers that can be a bunch of different flavors and is artificial and nasty.

    toffee is different than taffy. taffy is artificial junk, toffee is yummy chewy caramel. BIG difference.

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    It's a chewy piece of candy that comes in various flavors such as chocolate, orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, etc.

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    its a chewey stringy piece of candy

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