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Did U.S. President Bill Clinton (D-AR) Have A Private Residence In Arkansas During His Administration?


No, he did not live in the Governor's Mansion DURING HIS PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION, which is what this question asks.

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    No, he did not. Prior to living in the White House, he resided in the governor's mansion in Little Rock, which was owned by the state of Arkansas, of course. He and Hillary did not have a private residence that they owned until after they left the White House.

    Source(s): His book, My Life.
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    No the Clinton's didn't have a private residence in Arkansas during his Presidential Administration...

    The Clinton's sold their private residence in Arkansas sometime during his 11 years as Governor of Arkansas during his time as governor they lived in the Arkansas Governors Mansion... He left the office of Governor of Arkansas on December 12, 1992. and became President on January 20, 1993... In the month and a few days between the two dates he and his family visited family... notably his mother and Hilary's parents for a time. then stayed The Blair House until they moved into the White House on Januray 20, 1993..

    The Clinton's owned no private residence when they entered the White House...

    They bought a private residence in Chappaqua, New York in September 1999 in anticipation of her 2001 run for a NY senate seat...

    Bill Clinton left office as President on January 20, 2001 so they owned a private residence for 1 year and 4 months of his presidency but that residence was in NY not Arkansas...

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    He lived in the governors mansion.

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