Motorcycle vfr 800 lalalal?

im getting a vfr 800 as my first bike, i know i cant take on the ss. so im deciding on going to the sport tour, i know this bike can be still very dangerous, so im asking you where can i buy a limiter in Toronto or if i can order it in from the US

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Love my VFR but it is my 14th bike. In my opinion way too top heavy for a beginner, not easy to handle at low speed for a beginner and any wreck will cost you big bucks even if you lay it down at a standstill, way too powerful for a beginner, and when all the valves kick in it really develops bad intentions for those who don't have the muscle memory to react immediately without thinking when the road starts giving you curve balls, if you are planning to put a governor on it...why bother, just get the bike you should be riding in the first place.

    Hear me or apply for your own Darwin award. You are going to get guys on here bragging that their first bike was a liter bike and it was no problem. But you are not going to hear from the squid I saw piled up on an easy corner last summer, the dead guys aren't on y answers and the guys who scared themselves away from motorcycles are probably avoiding the subject.

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