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Why is there NO media coverage at all of the carnaige in Gaza after Israil's 2 week massive bombing campaign?

The exchange between the Hamas firing rockets towards Israel hoping to hit someone, and the Israel military fully equipped with nuclear capabilities unleashed a brutal aerial assault and ground assault with tanks.There has been know pubic word on the number of dead or wounded in Gaza.

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    There's been quite a lot of coverage actually. =/ It's still making headlines in a lot of newspapers, and Al Jezeera has very good coverage if you're looking for news stories on what's happening. The death toll is just over 1,300 and more than 5000 injured.

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    Because journalists are still not allowed into Gaza. Nor is food mind you. Or medical supplies. Its like someone not being allowed to visit a prisoner. And that description is not far off.

    "Israel planned the PR strategy of this conflict months in advance" - Jon snow in "Dispatches: Unseen Gaza."

    I highly recommend you watch it. It explains Israel PR machine and control of the media.

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    It wouldn't suit those that dictate American foreign policy for the population to be told the Israelis are anything less than perfect. It would upset their ideas about a future Israeli / Iranian conflict.

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