Ramadan: Arabic Translation of ONE WORD PLEASE =) .....?

Salaam Alaikom bros and sisters,

What does the word "Wayyed" mean? And which dialect is it in?

I already posted this in the "Languages" Section, but no one answered me =(

Shukran Salaf.


I should also mention that I speak arabic, but in the dialect that I speak, this word has never come up in conversation.

Update 2:

Ohh Okk...wayyed...nooow that makes sense lool.

Thanks everyone! You sisters are the best wallahi =)

Jnb where are you from? It seems you say it alot! lmao @ "ghareeba"...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    wayed means 'alot' in khaleeji lol. Salam i5ty :)

    Edit: you guys really never heard of that word? lol ghareeba

    I dont wanna really say where im from here, because i dont want everyone knowing lol :p adree sa5eefa ana... bs ya3ny 5aleejia, which u probably know now :p i dont blame u for not understanding 5aleeji exactly, lebanese/syrians think khaleeji dialect is so weird :s or so we hear lol :p

    Edit: i just got that you were laughing at the word 'ghareeba'... see what i mean? you guys think we're weird! :p LOL

    Edit: @lebanese girl, ya7lailich lol intay 7abibty wallah, ya3teech il 3afiya sis :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wa 3alaykom salam wa rahmato LLAH wa barakatoh.

    i dont know what wayyed means but..i learned now.

    @jnb: 7abibte im lebanese and i think legha lkhalijiye 7elwe..bte3ejebne ..3anjad...

    girl bikafe enik bedallik tjewbe b e7tiram and in a nice way my question so ur not weird kelna bl hawa sawa...hahaha.

    nice 2 know u sis.

    Source(s): ALLAH AKBAR
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i would guess it means "a lot" in the khaleje dialect or in the badawee

    but i never heard that word, and i asked my mother just to make sure, and she never heard of it either. o_O

    Source(s): Palestinian- Arabic speaker
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  • Hey, they say that here. It means 'a lot' I think. Like...'iktheer' type?

    Source(s): Be nice.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A lot

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  • 4 years ago

    Salamu Alaikum. expensive Brother, I suggestion You With maximum precise Translation of the meaning of Quran Kareem, Its Tafsir al-Jalalayn:- O human beings, of Mecca, concern your Lord, this is, His punishment by utilising being obedient to Him, Who created you of a single soul, Adam, and from it created its mate, Eve (Haww?’), from certainly one of his left ribs, and from the pair of them, Adam and Eve, scattered, separated and unfold, many adult men and, many, women individuals; and concern God by utilising whom you declare [your rights] from one yet another (tass?’al?na: the unique t?’ [of tatas?’al?na] has been assimilated with the s?n; a version examining has tas?’al?na), so as that certainly one of you says to the different, ‘I ask you, by utilising God…’, or ‘For God’s sake…’; and, concern, kinship ties, lest you sever them (a version examining [of wa’l-arh?ma, ‘and kinship ties’] is wa’l-arh?mi, as a complement to the pronoun contained in bihi [sc. God]). They used to implore one yet another by utilising ties of kinship. actually God has been watchful over you, heedful of your deeds, for which he will requite you, this is to assert, he's ever possessed of such an characteristic.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ya3ne: she 7elooo kteeeeeeeeeeer wayid:P

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