What paintball pistol should i get?

I'm looking for a decent paintball pistol for $150-$200

also where could i get one?


how much IS the t68?

and is it mag fed and have co2 in the mag?

(i don't rely want a pipe on it)

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    - First off, they are NOT a waste of money. Someone skilled with a pistol can be crazy deadly against his opponents. And I would choose either the Ariakon Overlord RX (I believe someone else put the Ariakon Combat Pistol 2.0, also a good gun, with these two it's just pretty much based on what look you like more. The Overlord is more alienish, while the ACP 2.0 is more militaryish), or the RAP4 T68. They are the best .68 cal (normal size paintballs) pistols on the markers. You can get all of them in kits (pistol, extra mags, holster, etc.) for around $200. You could also get a Tac-8 or Tac-9 from Tiberius Arms, but those run from $280-$420 (they have clip fed CO2 and paint, while the other ones have horizontal blow-back fed CO2 and paint). Or, if you want more realistic looking pistols, RAP4 has MANY replica paintball pistols that go for around $250 alone and shoot .43 cal paintballs. I personally have a Ariakon Overlord RX and I completely love it. I use it as my primary usually and I own almost everybody. Granted I have been paintballing for many years, but it just takes practice. Well I hope this helps, and good luck bro.

    - The RAP4 T68 is $125 alone, one mag no holster. For $150, you can get the pistol, a mag, and a holster in the color of your choice. For $199, you can get the tactical kit with the pistol, which includes the marker, barrel and stock. For $225, you can get another tactical set, but this one is upgraded from the previous one. And the last one, costing $325, is the marker with a sniper set up. All those kits make your pistol a complete primary marker (although I use my pistol as a primary without any upgrades). Extra mags for the T68 are $18 for singles, $34 for two, and $68 for four. You can also buy an e-trigger for it (I would only do this if you get an upgrade, because there is no need to shoot the standard 10 balls faster unless you adapt a hopper with a kit) that allows it to shoot semi-auto, 3-6 burst, and fully auto. Also, if your lefty, you can change the holster to a left-handed holster for an extra $10. Also, the marker is clip fed, and uses 12 gram CO2, but not bottom clip fed. It's clip is attached to the top of the marker with a long blow-back clip, and the balls are fired underneath it through its barrel. And the CO2 port is below the barrel, and you simply screw it in and your ready to go. The only .68 cal marker that loads both paint and CO2 in a bottom fed clip is the Tiberius 8 Tac-8 or Tac-9, but this is a very expensive pistol. And I personally like the set-up of the T68, Overlord, ACP 2.0, etc. over the Tac's because it allows you to change CO2 and paint SEPARATELY and thus you won't loose any air changing mags. Also, changing the CO2 on the blow-back clip guns are much MUCH easier than with the Tac's. Well thats everything, tell me how things work out. Later bro.

    - Hey again, just letting you know I just purchased the T68 Paintball Pistol from RAP4 and it should be here around next Tuesday, so hit me up with any questions about performance or anything about the gun. Later.

    Source(s): - 7 years paintball experience in both woodsball and speedball. Own MANY guns and set-ups including Tippmann 98 Custom (20 inch CP Barrel, Red-Dot Scope, Collapsable Stock, Remote Line, BiPod), BT-4 Ironhorse, multiple Brass Eagles, Ariakon pistols, and Smart Part Ions. Paintball very frequently, at LEAST once a month.
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  • 4 years ago

    Most paintball pistols hold 8 to 12 paintballs. If your going to buy one go with the tiberius tac 8. Its very durable and 100% waterproof. its a great gun.

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    paintball pistols are a waste of money, why not get an actual paintball gun? Like a smart parts vibe, which is about $150.

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  • 1 decade ago
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