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getting early to the game?

okay so im going to a leafs game on feb.14 ... can i go into the acc anytime? or does it open at a certain time?... also will they be selling memorbilia of the away team as well?

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    Gates usually open 60-90 minutes prior to faceoff (60 minutes for most weeknight games; weekend games may open earlier). has a link to the Air Canada Centre's particulars on this.

    I rarely venture into the Leafs' team store, but all I've seen is Leafs merchandise (I know of no NHL teams that sell oppo. team stuff).

    There's usually a crush of humanity getting in when gates open; my MO is to make the 15-minute walk around 6ish; I'm in my seat for warmups with beer in hand and my dad situated.

    Try Sportchek and other sporting goods stores for your Crosby wear; there's one at the Eaton Centre, which is a short walk (10-15 min) from the ACC.

    Source(s): STH, section 114 (reds)
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    Yes you will be able to get into the ACC earlier than the game starts. Not sure how early, but I know you are able to watch the pre-game skate. If you are looking to just browse the Leafs Shop, you don't even have to enter the ACC to get in there.

    As for getting Penguins merchandise at the Leafs Shop, no guarantees there will be a lot of merchandise. I can say they probably won't have a Maxime Talbot jersey, but I would hazard a guess that a couple Crosby, Malkin and Fleury jerseys would be kickin around.

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    you can be there 60-90 minutes before the game starts. This is for all the NHL teams as well.

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