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What is a Good and safe provider in China for IPhones?

I'm in USA and want to buy electronics form China to sell them here.

do you know of a well known company that provide cell phones, GPS, mp3's, Ipods etc.?

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    first, i do no suggest u buy sell phones from China . the quality is not durable as nokia, apple, etc. unless you want to sell them to Africa.

    second: do you want to buy GPS, MP3 , ipods in quantity? or, are you interested in a long term cooperation. i am from china and have 18 years trading experiences , i would like to share it with you if you need.

    third: payment terms can be L/C, T/T. it is safe for you.

    good luck!

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    hi,there, coming a china small business man again , it is me, LOL.

    I wanna say sth of china iphone and ipods too. I has experience in this area. you know chian only produce fake iphones as well, there are 3 systems for same appearance style:ciphone,i68,p168. the ciphone are most expensive but the quality are better,and it is the only one in 1:1 copy. all these types have 2 big defects, the bad camera with only 0.3mp, and slow system reaction and screen reaction. but the other functions are good, slim locktech,shake-change music,iphone looks menu..... but for normal mobile not iphone appearance style,there are some good quality mobiles existed too, although a lot of them easy to be broken. it depended on whether you know the inside truth of china mobile market. there will be no well known company if you wanna buy cheap electronics, all of the came from the underground factories at ShenZhen china. but you can find them and do contact as well.

    all ipods are fake too, although some types can even connect to the real itnues, the screens with lower resolution than real, and it's capacity 8GB MAX only.

    hope the content above helps.if you are interested working with me, pls email me:raymondpy35@hotmail. a real local chinese buy agent,ready for business always

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    no, i don't. but i don't think that you should buy from china. china makes a lot of "copies" of the iphone and ipods and stuff, so you have to make sure if you're going to buy from them the AUTHENTIC stuff. also, you shouldn't buy from chinese companies because they MOST LIKELY only accept Western Union. It's easy to be a victim of fraud with Western Union. You can't really track down the scammer with western union. Don't send money to people you don't know, especially with a large amount of money

    If you do choose to buy electronics from China, it's best to pay them with paypal or something like that. If you get scammed, you can talk to paypal or another provider in helping you to re-establish your lost funds.

    Source(s): i've tried doing the same thing (and decided to not get scammed)
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