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Black specks in tap water?

I use a water filter and I always see little black things that come out of the tap. What are those black specks? Sometimes they're so much and when they cluster together they look disgusting. Are they safe? I'm schooling in a different city, and the person that was leaving here left the water filter in the fridge, so I started using it. Other than that I probably wouldn't have and wouldn't have noticed those black things because I've never used a water filter before. We do not use a water filter at home, but I've never noticed them before back there. But I'm going to make sure I tell my parents to get one. Why am I seeing them here in the tap water in this city and are they safe?? These things are really disgusting. Are they supposed to be coming out of the tap? I'm even scared to cook with the water now. I always use the water from the filter to cook.

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    So you have a faucet-mounted filter? The black specks are activated carbon, it's used widely in water filtering operations since each gram of it is as much filtering capacity as a football field full of the paper filter. But you shouldn't see it in your water very much, when you get a new filter it tells you to leave the tap running for a few minutes and a few specks come out but that's it really. The filter might have a small puncture or defect in it's seal, I'd get another one, the carbon won't hurt you under normal conditions but there definitely shouldn't be that much of it coming out. It's good to filter your water, tap water isn't actually very safe to drink despite what the government wants you to think, they actually add fluoride to it. Fluoride is a neurotoxin that they say is good for your teeth but it's actually only good for them if you gargle it and then spit it out, if you swallow it then it doesn't provide any additional benefits and is proven to cause memory and attention problems in animals. Oh yeah, but those filters won't get the fluoride out, it needs to be a reverse-osmosis filter or you can get distilled water in the jugs.

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    it's probably activated carbon, a common material used to filter water.

    you can figure out quickly if it's the filter by pouring a glass of unfiltered water and comparing it with the filtered water.

    if it's NOT coming from the filter, it might be flakes of rust, which indicate a plumbing problem.

    if it is coming from the filter, you might want to consider simply buying a new filter cartridge. the old one might be damaged.

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