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Is this Stimulus package going to be the Titanic which will sink Pelosi and Congress? We are going to pay?

for it till 2085,....

How much are we the middle class going to not get taxed to Death for it in the next few years?

This is all wrong for America.....

And how much of this is going to create jobs?

100 Mill to WIC.

300 Mill to Food Stamps.

1 Billion to the Census bureau.

650 Mill for Digital Converter Boxes.

500 Mill to National Institute of Standards for research.

1 Bill to NOAA for research.

4 Bill for Local Law Enforcement.

600 Mill to NASA for research.

3 Bill to National Science Foundation for research.

6.3 Bill to Weatherization Assistance Program.

20.7Bill to existing energy programs.

3.25Bill to the Bonneville Power Administration (somebody brought home the pork on that one)

800 Mill to Superfund.

200 Mill to Leaking Storage Tank Trust Fund.

8.4 Bill to State Tribal Assistance Grants.

850 Mill to Wildfire Management. (I'm a firefighter and even I think that's insane.)

550 Mill to Indian Health services.

50 Mill to NEA.

80 Mill to Department of Labor Management.

500 Mill to block grant to health centers under Public Health Services Act.

1.5 Bill to National Institutes of Health, Office of the Director.

1.1 Bill to study medicare.

1 Bill to Low income energy assistance.

2 Bill Block grant to states for child care.

1 Bill to Head Start.

1.1Bill to Early Head Start.

1 Bill to Community service. Block Grant.

100 Mill to Community organizations.

200 Mill to Aging Services Program.

2 Bill to Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

430 Mill to Public Health & Social Services Emergency Fund.

3 Bill to Prevention and Wellness fund.

13 Bill to Education of Disadvantaged.

100 Mill to Impact Aid ????

700 Mill to Rehab.

16.4Bill to Student Financial Assistance.

50 Mill to Student Aid.

250 Mill to Education Technical Assistance.

160 Mill to Corporation for National Community Service.

300 Mill to Capital assistance for Intercity Passenger Rail Service.

5 Bill to Public Housing.

2.5 Bill Block grants to Project Based Assistance Properties Owners.

500 Mill Native American Housing Block Grant.

1 Bill to Community Development Fund.

1.5 Bill to Homeless Assistance Grants.

100 Mill to Lead Hazard Reduction

79 Bill to State Fiscal Stabilization Fund.

That's just what I got so far. Most of this stuff doesn't belong in a "Stimulus Package". It belongs in an appropriations bill, or several bills. The money train has pulled up to the station and everybody with a pet program has jumped aboard.

This is just the start. I'm only about half way through the Bill.

God help our Grand-Children.

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    Well, let's hope it's the fall for O'bummer and his cronies all. Forget 2085. As it stands it's as if a business began losing $1 million from the time of Christ to today and for another 750 years beyond.

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    Of course! I know it's just been a couple of weeks now since the worst president in our history has left office, and this is the third consecutive election that democrats have gained support, so probably yes, everybody agrees with you and we're all scared that democrats are going to do the things they've promised to do openly for the last 20 years.

  • Indigo
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    1 decade ago

    Mc Cain just said on National television, this is an economical catastrophe, other wise known as generational theft

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    You clearly don't understand at all what "stimulus" means.

    It means spending money to buy stuff and hire people, to get money moving throughout the economy.

    Thus, hiring people to perform our Constitutionally-required census IS stimulus.

    Since people are losing their jobs, and states are going under, they need to shore up Food Stamps. I know, you'd rather live in a country where millions of people, mostly children, are starving to death in the streets, but no HUMAN agrees with you.

    Weatherization -- to pick another from your list -- IS stimulus, with an extra bang to it: it hires people and requires supplies (putting money into the economy) AND saves money and energy for those paying the utilities bills -- forever. Thus, it's both short-term, AND long-term stimulus.

    It's also a great idea in the eyes of everyone who has clue enough to realize we need energy-efficiency.

    Almost everything you listed involved hiring people -- that's the whole POINT. Reducing unemployment, giving money to the people being hired, to spend on their families. They also pay taxes when they have jobs. Unemployment means less in tax money going into the government.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't see a lot of industry, manufacturing or other commercial business jobs being created there, nothing except for GOVERNMENT Payroll Jobs.

    They will spend all that money for more GOVERNMENT and be looking for more money, when it runs out.

    GOVERNMENT spends money, it does not create money, except to print it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Elite liberals could care less. This will make them rich for the next 4 generations.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think you forgot the 25 million that is going to acorn who help start this whole mess by giving people houses they couldnt afford.... they also got him elected? dont belive me look up acorn and obama and see what you get

  • Twila
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    1 decade ago

    By the time that the masses realize that this will do nothing to help our ailing economy, it will be too late. I am angry.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no, because the media will lie and blame bush and the idiots will say "that's right, wheres my sign"

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