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Might get an Italian Greyhound - Looking for IG and/or Chihuahua Owners Answers?

I currently have a 9 month old male chihuahua pup and I would like to get a second dog sometime around May this year. I can't decide between a chihuahua or an italian greyhound. I know that chihuahuas really like other chihuahuas (as a general rule), and I obviously want them to get along, so I'm wondering if anyone happens to have experience with the two breeds. My boy is a social pup, seems to love everyone and everything as long as he's not overwhelmed. If I get a small, young, female IG, do you think they'd get along (assuming I did the introductions properly)? Would you say that they are compatible breeds?


Gia- We live in the city so both dogs will always be on leash while walking. There is a fenced in dog park that is rarely busy a few blocks away, so that'll be the only place she'll ever be running free (if, after assessing the park, I find it to be escape proof).

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    Yes, you are most definitely right about the chihuahua liking other chihuahuas rule. The thing about italian greyhounds is that if they are outside and they see something like a squirrel or a rodent-type animal, they WILL chase it. I have had 4 italian greyhounds, and i had 2 of them chase after a squirrel, thankfully catching them after running after them for a half hour! At the time when i owned 4 ig's, i also had a 2 doxies and all of the dogs got along fantastically, so you could certainly get a ig. The point about them running after wild animals is you should probably fence in a 6 foot tall fence around an area the ig could play freely. I hope this advice helps you!

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    Great apartment dogs. Here is some more info: Average Weight: 7 - 15 pounds (3.18 - 6.80 kg) Height: 13 - 15 inches (33.02 - 38.10 cm) Possible Health Concerns: Periodontal disease Epilepsy Leg fractures Patellar luxation Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) Italian Greyhounds should not be left alone for long periods of time. They need human companionship to feel centered and secure. Though tender-boned as puppies, they develop into very sturdy canines. However, they should still be handled gently. These dogs are sensitive to cold temperatures. Some of them will avoid taking walks during rainy days. If possible, dress them in a sweater to shield them from the elements, and remember to always keep them on a leash. These dogs are easily distracted and extremely fast. A healthy Italian Greyhound can live as long as 18 years. Common health issues include seizures, hypothyroidism and knee problems. They are very easy to groom, only needing the occasional rubdown with a cloth. Italian Greyhounds are ridiculously fast—reaching speeds of 40 mph—but, they would much rather be hanging out at home. In fact, there’s nothing they’d rather be doing than sitting by a warm fire and getting 100 percent of your attention. Italian Greyhounds are gentle and affectionate. They form very strong bonds with their masters. Sometimes this can result in skittishness, especially with new people or boisterous children. But, overall, they are friendly and loving—especially when they feel loved. Italian Greyhounds are very adaptable, easily at home in apartments or palaces. They are neat, tidy, relatively quiet and fairly easy to train, but they can sometimes break the rules to see if they can get away with it. This is all in good fun—Italian Greyhounds are always dependable and eager to please.

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    Do your research on Italian greyhounds. They are EXTREMELY hard to potty train. I have had dogs before and thought it would be the same to potty train my IG. I was wrong. This breed is also fragile. If they get too crazy with your Chi they might break their leg. Got to italian greyhound club of america and make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

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    I believe any breed will do just fine just make sure you have everything covered before you bring home your next pup. For your next dog choice, I suggest you take on this short quiz to identify if your shortlist are the best picks for your second dog. Check out this link and try the quiz.

    Good luck!


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    Chihuahuas are GREAT, very lovable dogs.

    They get along with almost any dog, but the only problem with chihuahuas, is that if they get bored, they chew EVERYTHING.. especially shoes! So if you get one, buy chew toys!

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    italian greyhounds are laid back love puppies get one

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