How do you build a transformer?

Please be specific when describing how to build it and please make sure the materials aren't too hard to get/buy.

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    if u want to make somthing easy

    just get some wire and make like 100 turnes on a iron bar and anotehr wire to make like 300 turnes on top 100 turn wire

    this will give u 1:3 transformer ratio

    u can use that for 30V or less and u will have alots of voltage losses

    this transformer will be for understanding the methode of the transformer but not for real aplications becasue it cant handel alots of power.

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    It depends on what kind of transformer you are trying to make. Are you doing impedance matching? Step up? Step Down?

    A lot of simple transformers can be made by winding magnet wire around a toroid core. The ratio of the number of winding of your primary coil and secondary coil determine the output of the transformer. Wrap your primary coil first and then wrap the secondary over top of the primary.

    The best source for metal is to take apart salvaged inductors and re-use the core, or take apart existing transformers. Be careful re-using the wire because it can short. If you are working with an old transformer, make sure to insulate the primary and secondary. A short would be a very bad thing.

    They are also available from places like Digikey.

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    It takes atleast over 9000 beer bottles to build a real working transformer like in the movies. You will have to develop technology further however if you want it to charge its lazers.

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    For a toy or for a big power station?

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