Help! I need to create an Access database to track court cases?

I have not used Access since 2000 and I am completely lost with Access07. I need to create a database to track court cases by type and by month and quarter. I have an excel spreadsheet built with what I need but it needs to be in Access and it be user friendly to continue adding data each month

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  • Matt B
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    1 decade ago
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    You are better off with a real database and a web based approach. Here is why:

    * You can't share an Access database. If there is just one single user and there won't ever be more than one, you'll be fine with Access. Otherwise you have to keep looking.

    * In order to have a proper backup you would have to create a new database each month or so and backup the old one if you also change things like new data fields or the interpretation of data fields. With a web based approach your backups would always be consistent.

    * Access costs you money. If you don't want to spend money use a web based approach.

    Here is what you need for a web based approach:

    Linux, Apache, Mysql and Php (LAMP).

    It's really easy to build a court case database with a LAMP server.

    Other than that, what's wrong with your Excel spreadsheet? If it's just you using it, why would it have to be Access?

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