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What do you think of the Octuplets' names?

So the octuplets names have been released (I am quite possibly very late with this information).

They are:

Noah Angel

Jeremiah Angel

Jonah Angel

Maliyah Angel

Josiah Angel

Nariyah Angel

Isaiah Angel

Makai Angel

What do you think about the names the mother chose? What would YOU have picked for octuplets.


Apparently they all have the same middle name - Angel. Their last name is, like, Solomon.

Update 2:

The woman recieves 490$ in food stamps a week but says that she is not on any additional forms of welfare.

Her mother claims to be the main caretaker of the other 6 children whom they already have difficulty providing and caring for. Their table isn't large enough to all sit at at once - they eat in shifts. Additionally 3 of the older children are disabled.

But this is really about the names....

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    Why would they give them all the same middle names.

    I mean I think there are 5 thousand varients of Angel.










    In since everyone is doing their own octuplets I might as well. (damn peer pressure)

    Theo Emmanuel

    Henry Matthew

    Griffin James

    Anne-Giselle Rae

    Milo Alexander

    Iris Christine

    Dustin Shawn

    Ceciliano Michael

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    I like Nariyah Angel for a girl a little bit. If I had 8 kids their names would be:

    8 girls:

    Adrienne Mikaylah

    Carahleigh Grace

    Anahleigh Natalia

    Sarah Juliette

    Julianne Isabelle

    Addison Claire

    Kyleigh Delaynah

    Amy Daniela

    8 boys:

    Bryen Caleb

    Calen Anthony

    Jaysen Frank

    Aaron Keith

    Tyler Jacob

    Evan Joseph

    Alex Christopher

    Ben Oliver

    4 boys, 4 girls:

    Bryen Caleb

    Aaron Keith

    Jaysen Frank

    Ben Oliver

    Carahleigh Grace

    Addison Claire

    Kyleigh Delaynah

    Sarah Juliette

    Source(s): Me
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    They're too matchy, apart from Makai which stands out from all the others! Noah and Jonah would be alright on their own I suppose, but I don't really like any of them. I can't even tell which ones are the girls... possibly Maliyah? I'm sure she could have thought of different middle names too!

    And yeah, it does seem irresponsible to have so many children if she's unable to care for them.

    If I had octuplets (scary!) I'd like the names to be similar in style, but not too matchy.

    6 boys:

    Luke William

    Oliver Jude

    Adam Nathaniel

    James Cameron

    Scott Alasdair

    Ryan Zachary

    2 girls:

    Emmeline Ivy

    Isobel Octavia (Octavia means "eighth"!)

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    For octuplets I'd name them:

    Connor Lucas

    Brendan Michael

    Patrick Owen

    Emma Rose

    Kathleen Elizabeth

    Keely Marie

    Aidan Joseph (Not nicknamed AJ)

    Sarah Michelle

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    I kinda like the first names but I wouldn't have given them all the same middle name. I had a hard enough time naming one so I don't know about naming 8.

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    Thanks for posting this!

    And I think it's ridiculous that they all have the same middle name.

    I like the first three boys' names,

    Maliyah is kind of weird...I wouldn't know how to pronounce it.

    Josiah is good, Isaiah is good,

    But Nariyah and Makai are kinda weird as well.

    I don't know how to pronounce them!

    And I have no idea what I would have picked for octuplets.


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    I like Noah, Jeremiah, Jonah, and Maliyah.

    I'm not fond of all of their middle names being Angel.

    I would have chosen:

    Cade Elijah Jordan

    Camdyn Michael Scott

    Jonah Wyatt Adam

    Kinsley Claire

    Delanie Kaidence

    Briar David James

    Laila Jayde

    Brinley Suann

    God bless.

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    All I can say is....WOW! And she's crazy. All of us taxpayers are going to end up paying for her kids. And I wouldn't know what to name eight kids because the probability of having eight children is rare, very rare. This wasn't a natural thing. These kids are living with 6 other siblings, in a 3 bedroom house, with their grandparents. And their mom has no job. Im watching the Dateline interview tonight...I have to know what was going through her head.

  • Kelly
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    1 decade ago

    i feel really bad for those children; and i personally think the mother is selfish, let alone mental.

    it think 8 babies w/ the same middle name is dumb.

    the only names that are okay are maliyah, jonah, and noah. i dont like the rest (personal opinion.

    if they were mine they would be:

    Logan Lyle

    Landon John

    Kyler Ryan

    Aidan Adam

    Grant David

    Connor Malachi

    Lorelai Kristine

    Madelyn Elizabeth

    **every one of my middle names are family names.

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    I think it's a little weird for them to all have the same middle name, but this lady obviously is a little weird herself to just keeping having more children when she's not in a great position to have that many.

    Too many of the names are too close for my liking. I envision her saying something similiar to... "Jon...I mean Josi..I mean Isaiah come here!" more than once a day.

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