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what is a sumo wrestler's diet?

what is the breakdown - calories - carbs fats, protein.... how can I make a substitute for it as a protein shake?

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    It is not what they eat that is important, it is how they eat. Sumo wrestlers have a fairly balanced diet, but they have a particular eating schedule to maximize abdominal subcutaneous fat (fat below the skin, not around the organs). They train extremely hard for a number of hours under a restricted caloric intake. They then feast afterward. A typically post-training meal is anywhere from 5,000-8,000 calories. The meal is a balanced meal, 50/30/20 carb/protein/fat. They eat from all food groups and eat about 3-5 times the standard serving size.

    This eating style helps keep their legs strong and ripped, but adds all the mass to their mid-section where they need it.

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    A sumo wrestler diet is a whole bunch of junk...chips, pizza, chocolate, AND CALORIES

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    anything and everything

    there just fat asses

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