What free virus protection do you think is the best?

I've tried Norton and Mcafee before and neither of them worked very well. My friends kept saying that Avast was the best and it's free, so I got that. It was great for a couple of months, and now virus after virus is springing up on my computer and Avast can't seem to fix it. It pops up saying there's a virus and telling me to move it to the chest, but when I try it won't let me, and it doesn't say why. Then when it pops up again I click "delete" the virus, and yet a bit later I get another one saying that the exact same file is still there.


Thank you iisjman07, I'll be giving you the best answer when it lets me.

Turnip.. Is there really a point in being rude here? I don't believe so. If you knew oh so much more about computers than me than you could have given me a helpful answer instead of acting like that. 'Kay? For the record, everyone I know says that Norton and Mcafee suck, and one of them programs video games and built his own computer from scratch. That those two didn't work well was definitely not my fault.

Update 2:

Also, I do not appreciate your insulting my intelligence when your grammar is just awful. Just because you think you know more about computers than someone else doesn't make you more intelligent. At all.

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    On the popup that says you have a virus, there should be a little box saying something like 'Schedule a Boot Time Scan'. Do that. The reason avast can't remove the virus is because it's in use, but this scan will remove the virus because windows hasn't started yet.

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    Even though the point was made rudely, I agree with turnip.

    The problem seems to be your education about computer security.

    Antivirus software doesn't protect you from viruses, especially if you're going to dodgy websites, not installing Windows updates, and pirating software and music.

    So here's what you should do.

    1. Back up your important files.

    2. Reinstall Windows. That's the only sure way to know the viruses are all gone.

    3. Create a use a limited user account.

    4. Use Firefox with the NoScript extension

    5. Get rid of Limewire or whatever you might use to download music, movies, and software. Buy things if you need to get stuff.

    6. Do a Google search for "social engineering" and read the first ten links

    7. Set Windows updates to install automatically.

    If you do those seven things, I promise you won't have another virus again.

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    you will tend to get a lot of rude answerers on here, just ignore them,for the record Norton and McAfee really do suck, just because there a paid for program doesnt make them any better Norton will take over your computer after a while if you let it, I would suggest trying a different product, 1. get Avira Antvir free its just as good as the others for a free program with a 94% detection rate.,2.superantispyware free will get the crap all the others miss with fast scan times.,3.malwarebytes free, with these you should be fairly well protected., Good luck.

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    Don't you think it's funny that you have tried three different anti virus systems and none of them seem any good to you.

    i think the problem here is your education and how to use a computer responsibly and in a correct manner.

    if you can't handle an anti virus system then you should give up using a computer because you obviously do not have the intelligence to use one.

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