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Do you think Alex Rodriguez will still be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame?

Recently he has confessed to have been using steroids. So I was wondering do you think he will still be inducted into the baseball hall of fame?

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    NOPE he doesn't deserve to be in there at all.

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    Dr Doom, he used while with the Rangers.

    Having said that, If A-Rod doesn't get in to the HOF for the career he has had and will continue to have, then there should be a HOF from say 1980 - present day. The "doping" has been going on for much longer than what we are hearing about.

    Because A-Rod is obviously the best playing in the game right now, everyone wants to throw the biggest book at him. He isn't alone and remember your (the royal "your") comments when your favorite teams superstar shows up on the list. It seems in this day in age, the best players are the PED users... I wonder if a player like Carlos Beltran used while on the Royals, or if Hanley Rameriz started using after the Red Sox got rid of him.

    A-Rod hands down makes the HOF and if he doesn't, who will?

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    He's still young and he has plenty of time to redeem himself. He'll probably play for another 7 or 8 years add on the 5 year waiting period and that's 12 to 13 years from now. Will we still be talking about his steriod use? Maybe a little but it will have died down a lot by then. The things that are hurting Mcgwire and Bonds is that it came up at the end or after they ended their career.

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    Should not ask the fans because they are not the ones voting and public opinion does not have anything to do with HOF consideration. The people to ask should be the sportswriters, because they're the only ones making the decisions on who gets inducted.

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    If A-Rod doesnt go in, then NO ONE from the era he played should go in.

    If we took everyone who "cheated" out of the HOF you wouldnt have a HOF. People are so dumb to think all these guys are boy scouts who never did anything wrong. We have a very ACCEPTED saying here in the American Sports " IF you arent cheating you arent trying "

    Source(s): What Pete Rose did is completely different than juicing - the guy who used that point is an idiot
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    No. Even though he admitted he used steroids and apologized for it, he won't be in. He tarnished his image and career, so I highly doubt the writers would give him a free pass.

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    Do you think voters will forget about this 9 years from now ? They still haven't even gotten over the Pete Rose scandal, and how long ago did that happen ?

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    Yes and he won't be the only player that used PED's that will eventually get in or is already in .

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    He has used steroids so he would never get my vote.

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    i think he still is..he put up good numbers even without steroids use..

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    ya, he was good before he used performance enhancing drugs and he used trhem when they were leagal so he didn't really do anything illeagal

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