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What exactly separates Blues and R&B?

I mean, I can't be expected to believe that B.B King is in the same genre as Rihanna and other crap artists.

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    R&B grew up out of the blues.

    The Jump Blues style that gained popularity just after WWII like Louis Jordan (for example) gave birth to R&B

    Started off being very similar to blues with more emphasis on upbeat dance tempos.

    Since then it has evolved along it own path only occassionaly flirting with blues.

    As for whether it is crap or not - I look at it this way.

    Music is a lot like farts:

    Your own are okay, eveyone else's stinks.

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    First things first, to understand these forms of music, you have to have a basic level of respect for them. You may not like modern R&B as labeled today, but understand that it has a history and a tradition.

    Blues and R&B have a common history. As has been referred to by other answers to this question. Jump blues and some other upbeat forms of blues music branched off and became R&B.

    But today, I would say that blues has stayed with its original themes, of country folk type music, while R&B is a more modern and urban type of music. For example blues musicians to this day, often sing about trains and other older themes, that you will not hear in R&B music.

    Blues and R&B also differ in their instrumentation, for example guitars and harmonicas play a large part in blues music, while you will seldom hear harmonicas (Stevie Wonder is an exception) or slide guitars in R&B. Some R&B is created completely with synthesizers and other electronic instruments, while most blues music is played with traditional musical instruments, including electric guitars.

    While Blues music can be danced to, that is not its primary purpose, but most R&B is made with dancing in mind. These are just a few ways that blues and R&B contrast each other. R&B and blues music are coming from two different time frames in musical development. But having said that, these two forms also have much in common and they also share many common themes.

    If you were to take a close look at the body of work of say, BB King, you will find some of his music that could be considered R&B. And there are R&B musicians who are also blues players.

    And not that my opinion is more valuable then anyone elses, I consider Rihanna to be pop music. And B.B. King just won a Grammy for blues music, and I don't think Rihanna would even be considered in that category.

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    R&B is a catch-all that has included everything from the Animals to soul to d*sco to even some kinds of rap, if I'm not mistaken. Half the time, I don't even see any resemblance to blues at all. But blues, from folk blues like Lightnin' Hopkins and Memphis Slim to electric like Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield, and Taj Mahal, and even a lot of acid rock, is unmistakeable. If you can't pick up a cross harp and wail, 9 times out of 10 it's not very close to down and dirty blues.

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    Haha, you are right, Rihanna and all of those guys are crap artists.

    But R&B is a type of blues. It is just a sub genre.

    I wouldn't say Rihanna and all other crap artists play R&B.

    They do some kind of mix of hip hop and pop.

    B.B King and Stevie Ray Vaughn rule!

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    When I was growing up "motown" was considered R&B. Today, the crap they call R&B has nothing ,NOTHING to do with the blues.

    I don't even consider rap , music. Anyone can stand and shout out poor rhymes. It just makes me sick that any darn fool can stand up and walk around like a fool and shout out misrhymed poems... and CALL THEMSELVES AN ARTIST. It's sad.

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