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Which Console is Better, XBOX or PS3?

I have a PS3 and i think it is the best console EVER! but my mates say that XBOX360 beats PS3 by miles, they say it is way better to play online and it is a lot cheaper. Im looking to get a XBOX360, but i dont know if im wasting my time. Personly i think PS3 is way better. What do you think? thanks

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    Own neither, but...

    Price: X-Box 360 ($100 cheaper)

    Age: PS3 (newer console)

    Life Expectancy: PS3 (again, newer console)

    Graphics: generally, X-Box (runs on modified Dx10 graphics)

    Games Library: X-Box

    Error Issues (heard of): PS3 (fewer fatal errors)

    On-Line Play: PS3 (FREE!!!, unlike X-Box Live)

    Features: Tie

    Alternate Uses: X-Box (Space-heater / Hotplate / Fire-starter)

    As an example of the level of Fanboi fanaticism that can be found out there...Even after nVidia flat-out publicly admitted that they could not compete against the HD4870x2 video card, there were still nVidifiles that insisted that the latest (single GPU) nVidia cards (the 9800 series) were hands down better than the (dual GPU) ATi product, despite the fact that every Benchmark test performed showed the ATi card as superior.

    This type of attitude prevails unbelievably in the conslow market (hence the "Wii is gay" comment made by one poster). On that topic, I have only one thing to say...the Microsoft and Playstation products are "hardcore" machines...the Wii is for casual and party gaming. All are all-around excellent machines, and each satisfies different gamer niches.

    Good Luck!

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    I own all three PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, and the one I play the most is my 360. I like the controller better on the 360, there's more games on the 360 that I like better, Xbox LIVE is way better then PSN I would have to say.

    After saying that tho; I love my PS3 as well...Not so much the Wii...

    I recommend picking up the 360 if you have some extra money.

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    1st of all wii is not that great guy above me i sold mine cuz its gay.

    personally i own both 360 and ps3 and i belive that the ps3 is gaining so many new and great features and so many great games plus free online play and whoever says the connection is crappy doesnt even know because its not the system its the owners internet problems. i even belive that microsft sees that ps3 is giveing them a run for there money beacuase there already aounouceing plans for the new xbox what could they posssible put it it? i think that its going to be the same as 360 but more money. ps3 isnot going anywere and its way better to play.

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    I have both and I prefer the Ps3, the Xbox does have better online play but the ps3 has better graphics, better exclusive games (MGS ftw!) and lasts longer than a week

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    It really makes a difference online.

    Sure, Xbox Live is 'good' but since everyone gets a free mic what happens?

    Yes, 8 year old kids dissing your family because you killed them.

    You don't get that kind of crap on the PS3.

    Also, I'm sure that exclusives this year is another reason.

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    xbox 360 hands down and the Wii sucks it has about 200 or more games and maybe 2-3 are worth playing

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    I totally agree with, mate, tell your mates that free online play, better graphics, PS Home, Blu-Ray support, is better than £40 subscription, mediocre graphics, nothing like Home, and PS2 Style DVD Disc format. PS3 is better, plain and simple.

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    xbox 360

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    ps3 is good too but no match to the 360 btw ps3 people suck at call of duty 4 all hail 360 beast cod 4 players

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