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limited access on paypal, $3,00 held!!?


My friend just sold his rolex watch on ebay today and now for some reason they limited his account for 6 months and the money s being held, and he still has to send out his watch!

It is a REAL Rolex watch, certificate, box, papers etc..

So thats not the problem, he called them and asked what was going on and they said its too risky doing business with wtf!?

So now he has $3,000 + in his account on hold for 6 months and he still has to send the watch out to the guy or in 6 months he wont get his money!

This is horrible and I feel so bad for him, the only reason he was selling it in the first place was to pay off his debt.

Is there ANY way to release the money into his bank account even though paypal is holding it?

Pease help,


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    This is why I will NEVER AGAIN use PayPal, because they can do whatever they want to whoever they want, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. I used to sell a ton of stuff on eBay, I have been on there since 1999 and I have over 2,400 feedbacks with a 99.8% positive rating. Well, during Christmas '07 my business went through a rough patch and a lot of orders were delayed, and as a result I had a handful of negative feedbacks and PayPal disputes. All of the disputes were resolved amicably, either by me refunding their money or the customer receiving the item, but PayPal decided all of a sudden that it was too "risky" to do business with me anymore so they shut down my account and held onto over $4,000 of mine for 6 months. And here is the WORST part - after the 6 months was over, I submitted a request to get the $4,000 transferred into my bank account, and I got a message back saying that there was no more money in my account and that I actually OWED them $180 due to a negative balance. Apparenlty what they had done is during the time my account was frozen for 6 months, they took it upon themselves to refund over $4,000 to random customers of mine from the past 4 years. They weren't customers who had filed disputes against me, they were apparenlty just randomly chosen by PayPal to get a refund of their money. So not only did they rob me of $4,000, but they are also now saying that I OWE them $180 and they have sent the account to collections.

    To anyone who reads this story - if you sell on eBay BEWARE of PayPal!!! They will screw you over in a hearbeat, even if you have been a longtime loyal customer. I was with PayPal for 8 years with a nearly perfect track record, and then just because of a few problematic transactions over a 2 month time period they completely shut me down and basically stole all of the money that was in my account.

    So to get back on topic - unfortunately there is absolutely nothing your friend can do other than refund the guy his $3,000, or he can send him the watch and hope that PayPal doesn't refund the guy in the end anyways.

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