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why are people now such posers?

Music now pretty much sucks

I honestly don't fall hard

for artist like chris brown or Justin Timber lake or any other famous artist

or the Jonas brothers or HSM or Hannah montana

or 50 cent & souljer boy or gangstar type artist

or popular music played now these days

& I don't understand how this decade is going back to disgrace the 90's style

last year only afew people wore studded belts

now EVERYONE is wearing them

& now "fashion" or the "IN" stuff

is about big or colofull sneakers and crazy *** ahirts

and other stuff stolen from other decades

I honestly don't like posers

I think It's a disgrace to old bands emcees & real artist & to our past generations

were did all the good music go?

the doors? Jimy Hendrix? Ozzy Osbourne?

back when rap was about fun?

when kids use to dream of becoming emcee's some day

when we use to gather around & freestyle

back when hippies were awesome

I know people now these days are different

our generations are changing

& I'm cool with that

Let's just have some respect to our golden times

& I'm not trying to insult anyone or be mean


I'm actually a teen my self

I just don't understand how kids can be posers

& Just follow the crowd

- Don't be afraid to be different :D

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    not everybody likes stuff because its popular. some people might like it just cuz they like it.

    i like the JB yes but just because theyre one of my personal preferences. i genuinely like some of their songs but very little on their newest cd. i like Justin Timberlake but only his old music. the only new song of his i like is Lovestoned.

    i however do not like Chris Brown or 50 cent or Soulja Boy or even Fergie. i hate HSM (but that might be because im an adult)

    Source(s): i love 90s pop the best. thats what i grew up on. trust me i respect the 90s. its my decade. my fav musician (and the closest thing to the Beatles that youre gonna get these days) is Drake Bell. he is definitely more talented than alot of the other artists these days, including the JB. even tho i like them too I know he has more talent than them. i also like the Beatles and the Beach Boys so i dont have a problem with older generations either.
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    I consider the 1st guy. Emos are gay. in basic terms interest seekers. asserting that they are going to slit their wrists in basic terms to get their mommy's interest its pathetic fairly. BTW i visit dam all emos or they are able to dam me it is not a situation.

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    Preach on, sistah. Preach on. ♥

    Source(s): The worst part is probably the music. Even I admit that I have some trash on my iPod but it's catchy. >_> Anyway, the radio is just kinda mindlessly depressing these days so I don't listen to it much unless I'm in the van with my mother.....
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