Questions/Thoughts on BlackBerry Pearl?

So I have some questions on the Blackberry Pearl. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a new phone soon, and right now I have a Moto KRZR. I'm gotten used to texting on it. Is it easy to text on the Blackberry Pearl? I also want to know what the SureType is. I have Rogers (Canada), and I want to know how much going on Facebook/internet costs to go on. I know friends with Virgin Mobile and they say that they don't have to pay?

I also want to know your thoughts on it. I'm really interested in buying it!! =D

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All I know is that my neighbor's company paid for his BBP and he said it has been nothing but a pain from the moment he started to use it. He is a computer specialist so I will ask what he is using now and e-mail you his thoughts.

  • 4 years ago

    The Blackberry is between the terrific creations in the international, for my section. i might decide for the Blackberry Curve because of the fact it fairly is flexible, looks actual modern and remarkable. additionally the demonstrate looks to be larger and the qwerty keyboard is great. It additionally includes 3.2mp. i'm to no longer prepared on the pink Blackberry Pearl with the aid of layout and the actuality that i've got no longer used it. The iPhone is a great telephone for game enthusiasts however the touch demonstrate keyboard does get very demanding after a on a similar time as. It is likewise actual breakable while the Blackberry's are extra sturdy. the image high quality is okay, although for versatility no longer plenty occurring. you will get great snap shots yet no longer numerous a suited telephone which you are able to use for relaxing and properly as enterprise.

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