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Where Do I buy Airsoft Guns?

Other then canadian tire, are there any other places? are there any where i can buy them online, and are these scam website? :



and if there not, how come is this such a good gun, but its cheap?


And how do electric guns work, do they need bateries, or you can just recharge them or something like that

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    Airsplat is one of the worst airsoft retailers there is. It's not a scam website, but they've been known to never send items, and often send broken, damaged, and used ones. Their information is useless, and their customer service is a joke. The reason it's so cheap? To draw people to the website. Same reason they have free shipping on everything (unless you buy form them on Amazon, where it's $20).

    I have no information on BuyAirsoft.Ca, only that it's a poor quality retailer.

    Other retailers to avoid: AirsoftMegastore (!!!!), Hobbytron (!!!!!), Amazon (!), eBay (!), AirRattle (!!!), AirsoftTitan (!!!), ShortyUSA, and all websites that don't specialise in airsoft, aside form PyramidAir and AirGunWarehouse. I wouldn't advise going to any that I don't recommend. The only good airsoft guns at retail stores are spring pistols, and there's only four quality ones available at them.

    The number of exclamation points designates the poor quality of the website.

    AEG's have rechargeable batteries. Some AEP's (and there's only one that isn't a piece of ****, the CM030) have rechargeable batteries, some need to be replaced.

    There's only four AEG's for under $100 worth buying. Period.





    And the only AEP.


    Sorry to hear you're in Canada, have have to deal with all the pointless laws restricting airsoft guns. I don't have any Canadian websites, either.

    Source(s): AirsoftGI is undeniably the best airsoft retailer, followed by RedWolfAirsoft. I don't know of anyone who would honestly disagree with me. TrinityAirsoft is good, along with HitGuns, WeaponBlender, and PyramidAir/PyramidAirsoft. http://airsoftgi.com http://redwolfairsoft.com http://trinityairsoft.com http://hitguns.com * http://weaponblender.com * http://pyramidair.com * http://pyramidair.com * *Only if you know what you're looking for and at. You should stay away from them. They're great retailers, they just have some bad items and information. Airsoft goes in Other - Outdoor Recreation. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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    nope and where ever sells them you can buy them

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