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A clarification about Nazism, what do you think?

I thought the NSDAP and Hitler had an extreme right wing ideology, and guess what, I asked two teachers of mine, which side of the political spectrum they'd rate the Nazis on, and they both said ' extreme right wing'. I asked one of them which side they'd put the bolsheviks on, he said extreme left wing. But in the Soviet Union, they didn't have any forms of capitalism, but in Nazi Germany, they had IG Farben and some other companies.

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    For any tyrant, a "side" one way or the other, is meaningless. Their purpose is to control others by imposing their beliefs. It can happen to conservatives and liberals, left or right, Republicans or Democrats.

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    Actually, Nazi was an acronym for National Socialism, in which the state decides how the economy is run and therefore controls businesses and people. This is not "right wing". Right wing is the freedom of the market place, in which everyone as individuals get to choose where they spend their money, who they work for, and how big they'd like to grow and advance, free of government intervention.

    Now, there are those in this country who have just come into power promising to intervene in every aspect of the market, choosing which businesses will succeed and which will be taxed from in order to create new businesses/jobs that the state deems necessary, like putting coal companies out of business in order for "green" companies to come up with taxpayer money given out by the government.

    That's national socialism. Soviets and Nazis both belong to a part of the left wing collective spectrum of government. Nazis were just slightly more right than Soviets, cuz they allowed a little capitalism in order to fund their social programs.

    Right wing is a belief in the individual, not the collective.

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    The existence of private companies in Nazi Germany has little to do with what the form of government was, and nothing to do with whether or not it was "right wing".

    The original Nazi line was socialist. At the time, socialism was popular with many in Germany and elsewhere.

    As the Nazi party grew, socialist ideology took a back seat to the need for funding the party, and Hitler and his allies cut deals with some business leaders to back off the socialist positions in return for contributions to the party. Radical socialists were purged from the party. You can google "Gregor Strasser" or "Night of the Long Knives" to learn more about that.

    When they controlled the government, Nazis had a state controlled government, where private businesses were allowed but were under the direction of the state.

    It's unnecessary to try and place any political ideology in any rigid "left-right" position.

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    Nazi Socialism was a far right ideology.

    They actually had some good ideas that took Germany from the defeat of WWI and the depression into a powerhouse economy that very nearly succeeded in dominating all of Europe.

    Very impressive unless of course you discount the excessive human rights abuses, the fact of war without just cause, the terror tactics used, etcetera.

    Bolshevik socialism was a far left ideology, better known as communism.

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    your teachers are correct. anyone who tries to pass the nazis off as left wing has no idea about political ideology. fascism is a very right wing idea. nationalising for personal gain where as nationalising for public gain is what socialism is all about.

    i always wonder why the social democratic party of germany were the only party to vote against the enabling act and were the first party to be banned and have its members killed when the nazis were supposedly left wing. surely the social democrats would of been happy a left winger was in power. but the fact of the matter is the nazis were far right trash.

    seriously what do they teach in US schools. the guy below me has some serious issues of not knowing what hes talking about. north korea is called the democratic republic of north korea. they must be democratic right? the conservative party in australia is called the liberal party. really anyone who thinks the nazis were left wing has absolutely no grip on reality and needs to be properly educated

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    No, the Nazis weren't right wing at all, quite the opposite.

    I believe that they classified themselves as "Social Democrats" or some such nonsense.

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    Both were fascists, One used religion as a method of control and the other used religion to justify control. Ultimately, control is a liberal idea, the same kind of idea that got Satan banished from the kingdom of heaven.

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