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Help my fantasy baseball team please?

Here's the deal, I'm in a 12 team H2H league and I missed the draft so my team got auto-picked. Because of this I'm left without a closer. What kind of deals can I make to get myself in contention in the save department? (Also I find my team is lacking a power hitter)

Here's my team:

C- Victor Martinez

1B- Kevin Youkilis

2B- Howie Kendrick

3B- Adrian Beltre

SS- Jose Reyes

CI- Jorge Cantu

MI- Khalil Greene

OF- Alfonso Soriano

OF- Carlos Lee

OF- Corey Hart

UTIL- Shane Victorino

BN- Justin Upton

BN- Delmon Young

BN- Ramon Hernandez

SP- Josh Beckett

SP- A.J. Burnett

RP- Chad Qualls

RP- Frank Francisco

P- Yovani Gallardo

P- Josh Johnson

P- Clayton Kershaw

BN- Takashi Saito

BN- Jonathan Sanchez

I have an overflow of speed so I was thinking of doing something like:

Hernandez and Victorino for an OK closer.

Who can I get with that package or if I'm thinking the wrong way what do i have to do to get a good closer???

any and all help would be appreciated.


Oh and besides my original question, how does my team in general look? any kind of suggestions would be helpful thank you.

AT- I know what your saying but I don't want to give up on a category this early, i guess i'll just check the waiver wire to see if any good closers are available

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  • Xobai
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    I don't see the overflow of speed. You have Kendrick and Greene in positions where other owners will have base thieves, so the gains you have in your OF (above and beyond Reyes, of course) are offset by lower totals in more traditional "steal" positions. Even if you do have a high steals total you can let your numbers rack up for a while before making a move, thus truly giving yourself a position of strength to deal from.

    As for closers, keep your eyes and ears open. Every year brings some 8-15 closers that come from nowhere and deliver solid save tallies. Be ready to drop your weakest players for these types of guys (BTW, a friend of mine who's a regular at Giant events and spring training is convinced that Noah Lowry, not Jonathan Sanchez, will be in SF's rotation this year -- so Sanchez may be the first guy you drop). One thing you can do is make some speculative adds of middle relievers - such as Jon Rauch or Kevin Gregg - because they'll help your ratios and could end up grabbing you some saves down the road.

    For a deep 12-team league, this is a very good lineup. I'm not one to say you shouldn't make any trades before May, but in your case I would wait a month or two to see what injuries hit and what guys come out of nowhere before I make any major roster decisions. I'm betting you'll be near the top of your league and you won't want to make much of a sacrifice for a single, overpriced category.

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    your outfield is good. but your infield lacks. i'd try and deal soriano for a closer and a better CI or MI. you can probably forget about hernandez, i don't think he's ownable this year so he wouldn't be worth trying to trade. if you can squeeze it, cool, but i'd never think of hernandez. Vic should get you a good closer straight up (if you'd rather not deal soriano). but i think you should deal a speedy OF for a closer and a better infielder.

    i'd give your team a 7/10. i like some of the pieces you have in place (solid catcher who should rebound huge this year, proven speed, and you aren't completely lacking of power). but i do think your SP needs a little work as well. Burnett isn't all that good, Beckett was down last year, while Johnshon and Gallardo are question marks (both have great potential, but will they deliver?).

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    Dude it's not worth trading away some of your players just for an ok closer because closer's are honestly only good for one category which is saves. They rarely get wins, few K's and their ERA doesn't really matter due to the fact they are pitching for only one inning. Closers are extremely overrated so don't even bother giving up some your players just to get one.

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